The Ray of Hope Foundation is saddened to let everyone know that our beloved Ray passed into eternal rest on July 3rd,2012. Ray never recovered from a stroke on June 18th. There was no one like Ray. He truly loved all who came to pray with him. So many miracles happened through Ray's intercession asking Jesus, Mary,and Saint Anne to come to our aid. Ray was the true messenger of the rosary. His legacy will live on through you-as you pray the rosary. Our first rosary at the Rosary house after Ray's passing on October 21st was blessed with a miracle. A picture in Holy Oil appeared on the back of a different Mary and Saint Anne painting. This is a sign for us to continue what Ray began. Please come and join us for rosaries at the Rosary House where blessings are sure to continue. In 2013 we are planning on holding rosaries every first Friday and third Wednesday of each month. They will begin at 7:30 pm. Please check the website for updates. As Jesus said" Where two or more are gathered together in prayer, so am I there with you." Thank you and God Bless You. Deeni Saltarelli and Debbie Scherman Any questions call Deeni 551-655-4109. Debbie. 201-787-5639