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    November 2010

    November is a special and busy time of the year.  All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st and All Souls Day is celebrated on November 2nd.  We are called to remember our loved ones who have gone to their eternal home.  We are also reminded to pray for those souls who do not have anyone to pray for them. 

    I frequently find myself wondering what happens to a soul after it leaves his/her physical body.  I have reviewed documentaries of people who have died, but were later revived.  They related their after life experiences where they would watch their families and doctors as their soul ascended.  As their angel guided them through a tunnel, their deceased relatives lined this tunnel and they greeted them into the next realm.  They also experienced a strong sense of calm and peace as their soul ascended; however, they were reluctantly restored to their bodies because their allotted time on earth had not been completed.

    According to one on-line report, the daily global mortality rate in 2006 was approximately 155,000 people.

    Mere words cannot describe the love and beauty of Heaven.  Heaven with all its divine efficient angels must also be meticulously organized. I have often questioned, because of the daily large numbers of souls called to their spiritual home and final salvation, what type of amazing system is in use in welcoming these large numbers of souls?

    The next question borders on the humorous logical or illogical human aspect. After exiting the “afterlife welcoming tunnel”, how are the souls organized to the next level. Are they taken to a waiting area by first come, first serve basis?  Are they called by alphabetical order?  Or perchance, are they given a spiritual numbered ticket?  Isn’t it possible that they are all taken directly to the “judgment center” and then hopefully, individually rewarded or miserably sentenced to their eternity?

    Seeking answers is a meager compensation for the marginal life we lead.  With certainty, no living human being is able to accurately answer the above questions (finally, words of wisdom!). 

    Yet, the Holy Bible and the scriptures never fail 2 Corinthians 2:9- “Of this wisdom it is written: ‘Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it so much as dawned on man what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

    If we have followed and applied God’s Commandments and Jesus’ teachings in this earthly life, we shall be numbered and included in Jesus’ precious flock and receive our eternal salvation through His Passion and Resurrection.  Trust me, I didn’t make this up.

    John 8:3, 32 “Jesus then went on to say to those Jews who believed in him: ‘If you live according to my teaching, you are truly my disciples; then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    We become one with God by reading the Holy Bible.  Make it a daily habit to nourish your relationship with God through the Holy Scriptures, the Living Word of the Lord.

    On another note, in the Eastern Rite, also known as the Byzantine Rite, the entrance of the Mother of God to the Temple is celebrated on November 21.  At the young age of three, Our Blessed Mother was dedicated to the Temple.  Here she was educated, learned and memorized the 150 Psalms word for word. Thereafter, she recited the 150 Psalms every night.  By embracing the Psalms, our Blessed Mother elevated her spirituality by expressing her unceasing love of God, Our Heavenly Father.  We honor Our Blessed Mother by reciting the Rosaries and also during her special Feast days.

    We also celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November.  In spite of all the political conflicts, flaws and numerous problems, America remains the greatest country in the world and we should always thank God for our blessings.  We can achieve credibility and stability as a great nation, by restoring respect for the unborn through the banning of abortion.  This is a tall order; nevertheless it is achievable by being proactive - being proactive through daily Rosary recitals and visits to the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

    Please continue to pray for world peace, the safety of our military and the banning of abortion.  God bless you for all your supplications.

    Your companion in prayer,
    Mary Sayad

    *****The above photo is the Tabernacle at Our Lady of Pompeii Church in Paterson, NJ.


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