By Mary Sayad


    November 1, 2004
    All Souls' Day

    "My Daily Bread"
    A Summary of the Spiritual Life for Daily Reading, Reflection & Prayer
    By Anthony J. Paone, S.J. 1954

    MY CHILD, your actions and thoughts should always be as orderly as though you expected to die this day. If you are unprepared today, how will you be prepared tomorrow? Tomorrow is uncertain. How will you know that you will be alive tomorrow? Tomorrow is uncertain. How will you know that you will be alive tomorrow? If you have ever seen a person pass away, just reflect that you too must pass away as he did.

    2) You can do many good works while you enjoy good health, but when you are sick, who knows what you will be able to do? Few people are improved by sickness. So to, those who have too many worldly interests seldom increase in holiness, because they are full of distractions. Recollection and prayer are the seeds of good life is the path to a holy death.

    3) It is better to provide for yourself while you are still here in this life. Do not rely on the prayers and help of others after your death. The present time is precious. Now is your opportunity. This is your day of salvation. Spend today profitably. Send your prayers, sacrifices and good works to Me to be judged. It is within your power to earn eternal life by a wise use of this present time.

    4) Think often of death, and remember that time lost will never return. You have not a lasting dwelling on this earth. In this life you are like a traveller. You will never have rest until you are united with Me, your Saviour.

    Few things are certain in this earthly life. The most certain fact of all is that I am to die. When? Where? How? I know not. That I shall die, however, is certain. Many people are dying at this very moment. I am too busy with my own life to give much thought to them. So will it be when I am dying. That movement will be very important to me, but the world will go right on about its business. If I do not prepare for death by a good life, I am a fool.

    Lord, let me not fear death with an empty fear, but with a wise and holy fear. An empty fear does not make men any better, but a wise and holy fear urges them to improve their lives. I will prepare for death by trying today to please you more and more in my thoughts, desires, words and actions. If I live this day as You desire, I shall be ready at any moment, and death will be nothing worse than Your loving calll. Amen.


    Beloved Friends,

    The above is quite a sobbering thought and I chose it for this posting to help us reflect on the Solemnity of All Saints, a Holy Day of Obligation which is celebrated on November 1st. This feast is in honor of all saints whether canonized or not.

    All Souls' Day is celebrated on November 2, and this is the solemn commemoration of the deceased who have not yet entered into the fullness of the Kingdom; traditionally this condition is called purgatory. The living unite themselves with the deceased through intercessory prayers on their behalf. All Souls Novena begins on this date.

    We need to remind ourselves constantly that life is fragile and brief. We're mere transients here on earth. We will take only our good deeds, sacrifices and mortifications with us when we pass on. Our homes, cars, jewelry and skilled works of our hands will remain here.

    Remember your loved ones, family members and friends who have gone to their glory by praying for the redemption of their souls. There are those souls who don't have anyone to pray for them. Include them in your prayers too.

    Prayers are powerful and each and every prayer is heard! Keep praying for world peace, our troops, victims of oppression, violance and hate.

    We will have a better world and a healthier spiritual environment when we band together and pray.

    During this month of November, let us recite the below prayer. Thank you for your devotion..

    Your companion in prayer,


    Prayer For the Souls in Purgatory

    O gentle Heartof Jesus, ever present in the Blessed Sacrament, ever consumed with burning love for the poor captive souls in Purgatory, have mercy on them.

    Be not severe in Your judgments, but let some drops of Your Precious Blood fall upon the devouring flames.

    And, Merciful Savior, send your angels to conduct them to a place of refreshment, light and peace. Amen.