By Mary Sayad


    November 2008

    Dearest friends, please forgive me for not posting an October inspiration. My computer was disabled and temporarily left me without my writing tools. Somehow, ”Mrs. Fix-It” was faced with challenges that were unappealing and time consuming. I must assume that anyone who’s owned a computer and who has experienced a variety of PC troubles will empathize with me. Actually, my inability to post my October message paved the way for November‘s topic. I apologize for the delay!!

    The first of November commenced with celebrating All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation. November 21, we celebrate The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; and around the corner everyone gets together with their families for Thanksgiving, a major American holiday.

    In addition, this November was especially meaningful because of our Presidential elections. Regardless of your favorite candidate, the elections are over and we will have a new President in January 2009. I’m thankful that it’s over and I believe that most people share my sentiments.

    Abortion is a hot subject. There’s a tug of war between the principalities that is unseen, however, there’s also an ongoing effort to stop the merciless slaughter of the innocent. There are several organizations which have been successful towards legally closing some abortion clinics. Legalized abortion is in direct opposition to God’s Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

    Along with legalized abortion, we have diminishing moral codes which have created various new diseases related to sexual freedom. Legalized abortion has corrupted young unmarried men and women reducing us to a society of immorality for the sake of pleasure and convenience.

    Another concern is stem cell research which abrasively cannibalizes embryos in the name of science. Human embryos will be utilized for the sake of remedying various diseases. It’s the taking of one life to improve another life. Yes, it’s a form cannibalism greatly diminishing the value of God’s creations and design.

    One bad vice leads to another. We now have been faced with legalized “same sex marriage”. Pornography is easily available on the internet as well as newsstands. Because of the publicity given to various actors and actress’ immoral lifestyles, young impressionable teenagers learn that immoral behavior is acceptable. If they have not been sufficiently instructed at home with their families, these youth are unable to judge right from wrong.

    We are presently faced with dark clouds hanging over the economy. There is an enormous crisis in our financial economy as well as the global economic environment. Some of the causes for our financial woes lay with the cunning, fraud, corruption, arrogance and greed of various public officials as well as CEO’s of large companies. They have become abject slaves to excessive bonuses. With much privilege comes great responsibility and they have all dishonored our public trust.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are experiencing these problems which will require perhaps years to resolve, partially because of our society’s idolatry and greed. The underlying dynamics of our society idolizes material possessions. It’s a love affair with goods that surpass their ability to pay for these excessive items. Indeed, our children have been exposed to the need to acquire game devices, violent video games and various forms of devices for entertainment, i.e. Ipods, cell phones, etc.

    Our complex multi-faceted world is depriving our youth of an inner peace and quiet that should lead to their daily connection with their spirituality; and, they’ve especially lost their desire to communicate with God through Jesus and Mary.

    I pondered adding images of the above described evils but I was unable to conscionably bring myself to defile this religious website devoted to Our Lady by posting pictures of aborted fetuses, money hungry CEO’s and corrupt politicians.

    Our Lady of Fatima warned us of wars, chastisements, unprecedented natural disasters and economic upheavals if we didn’t return to God by keeping the Commandments and prayer. Our society and societies around the world have distanced themselves from God. The sun shines on both the good and the bad and likewise, it rains on the good and the bad. People of faith will also suffer during these extraordinary times, however, their faith and trust in the Lord will guide them.

    The web of deceit and confusion that our society dictates and embraces holds far reaching consequences for our future and the future of our children and grandchildren and this delirium has overshadowed our sense of spirituality and logic.

    What is the remedy? Where is the flight to safety? We need to acknowledge that God is the Supreme Being and to continue to pray with fervor. We must pray unceasingly and pray the Rosary daily. To Jesus through Mary, the Rosary is key to our salvation. It is our strong defense and weapon against evil.

    Form Rosary groups. They need not be large groups. Two, three, four or five people praying the Rosary together is formidable against the Powers and Principalities of evil. We need to attend Mass frequently and to receive the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist with devotion.

    Beloved friends, I apologize for the state of the world and I apologize for this foreboding message, but I can’t sufficiently emphasize the importance of genuine prayer and communication with God through Jesus and Mary. There is hope. Strive to strengthen your faith and your children’s faith, because faith and hope go hand in hand. The choices we make today will determine our destiny.

    I wish you health and spiritual strength during this Thanksgiving celebration.

    Please, also, continue to pray for our troops and their families and for world peace. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Your companion in prayer,