By Mary Sayad


  • A Short Story

    May 20, 2003

    Print said to Book, "Why are you always sad? I'm having lots of fun hopping around from page to page!" But Book was self-absorbed and wouldn't respond. Book remained very still and lethargic. Pages flipped about aimlessly.

    Print was joyful, lighthearted and energetic. "Come on Book, don't just sit there. Do something." Pages was very fidgety and couldn't stay still and this too annoyed Print.

    One day Print decided to leave Book and Pages. Print wanted to be independent, happy and free. At first, Print thought he was very smart and knew exactly what he wanted, but gradually his words became jumbled and lacked meaningful substance. Print became very sad and disillusioned. Print realized that he needed Book and Pages.

    Print admitted that Book and Pages were his family and to be productive, they would have to remain together. So Print went back and apologized to Book and Pages. He openly rededicated his appreciation for Book and Pages because he learned that without them, he lost the sense and purpose of their existence. They all needed to coalesce in order to serve the interests of their combined interests. Their purpose, of course, was to convey thoughts and words of wisdom for God's design.

    2003 Mary Sayad


    Dear Friends,

    Life is a delicate balance.

    The Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph captured God's spiritual synergy by simply following His will. Through their obedience and humility to God's will, they turned impossible situations into things that are possible. The Holy Spirit was enabled to change the hearts of mankind from death to eternal life through the combined submission of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. We are the fortunate benefactors of Jesus' and Mary's suffering.

    When as Christians, we remain undivided, and live in the heart of Jesus and Mary by adhering to the Holy Sacraments as well as the Biblical scriptures, we will receive the graces that we need to live abundantly and joyfully. Also, when we live the life of Jesus and Mary through daily recitals and meditations of the rosary, we honor our Blessed Mother and sustain our faith.

    1 Corinthians 1:10
    I beg you brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to agree in what you say. Let there be no factions; rather, be united in mind and judgment.

    Let us remain steadfast and strong in our Christian beliefs so that we may confront a world that proposes to confuse us with various beliefs and theories. Our world is imperfect, but we can bring it closer to perfection by our compassion, kindness and by sharing joy with everyone we meet.

    Pray for world peace and the conversion of sinners.

    Remember the power of the cross is always with us!

    Your companion in prayer,