By Mary Sayad


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    If the above is your chalkboard, you are of this world - you have sinned egregiously. I hope and pray that this is not your chalkboard. However, all is not lost, Jesus suffered, died and rose to redeem us. His Passion and Resurrection rescues us from our sins. We have the opportunity for salvation through genuine repentance. Don't pass it up.

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    Hopefully, you model your life to the message in the green chalkboard. This is the Ray of Hope Foundation model for life. We follow Jesus' and Mary's journey through the Rosary. We seek to spiritually inspire, encourage and strengthen our friends, family and acquaintances with Faith, Hope and Love. This is our survival kit. It is simple and unassuming.

    Our Blessed Mother lived a quiet, humble and simple life, however, she also based her life on the Love of God's Commandments. She is our Mother and the Mother of peace.

    May your lives be filled with Faith, Hope and Love.

    Please continue to pray for our military and their families. Also, pray the Rosary for the banning of abortion. Thank you for this opportunity. I love you and care for you.

    Your companion in prayer,