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    The above photo was taken after a Healing Mass at St.Mary’s Assumption Roman Catholic Slovak Church in Passaic, NJ. Note the lighted crucifix to the right. The crucifix appeared in the photo but was not on the wall during the photography.


    July 2010

    What do the computer, the internet and the Bible have in common?

    Friends, you’re thinking that Mary has finally “lost it” and has morphed into the ultimate air head. If I were to coin a geek, I would define him as a techno -freak.

    Admittedly, there were times when my computer seized (actually, it seized my brain) and after several attempts at correcting the issue, I visualized myself literally throwing Windows out the window while wishing I could revert back to my old simple word processor. There was plenty of frustrating times trying to resolve mysterious tech problems. Intelligent, coherent, thoughts are not compiled while internally screaming at a retarded computer screen.

    Like it or not, I’ve become dependent on a machine that can’t think, yet, has a mind of its own.

    That being said, I still need to answer my above question, “What do the computer, the internet and the Bible have in common?”

    Computer programmers and engineers will always be advancing, changing and adding new strategies to computer usage. New applications are constantly being added to your computer’s programs via the Windows Update application as well as your computer’s manufacturer’s updates, so, if you’re an avid computer person, and use your computer for your profession, etc., you are continuously learning and using new applications.

    What about the internet? Anyone who has surfed the internet for research, recreation or shopped for bargains, knows that there’s no end to cyberspace and one can spend many hours searching and still never visit all the websites. You can easily compare the internet to the space galaxy!!! In other words, there’s no end to the internet.

    Likewise, in this day and age, the Bible may be applied to our daily lives. The answers to today’s challenges are available in the Bible. From generation to generation, the Holy Scriptures are a phenomenal resource and are still relevant in all of our daily living needs. Like the internet, there is no end to the significance and purpose of the Holy Bible. Indeed, God is love and there is no end to His love and mercy.

    Today’s secularized society lacks true discernment.Today’s governments lack trust in God. The media, frequently ridicule the Christian faith. Entertainment venues blaspheme Jesus and Mary with impunity while some television shows make a mockery of Christian values.

    When read with regularity and applied with the best of our abilities, Holy Scriptures is a Divine map that will guide us with true discernment. The Word of the Lord is the Divine conviction of our faith and especially during trials, when we are conscientiously practicing true discernment, we shall also remain rooted and sustained with grace. We will understand our opportunities and we will also know what situations should be avoided. From age to age, the Holy Bible will always be applicable to all current circumstances.

    John 6:35 “Jesus explained to them: I myself am the bread of life. No one who comes to me shall ever be hungry, no one who believes in me shall ever thirst”

    May Jesus and Mary bless, protect and graciously lead you in all your endeavors. Please continue to recite your rosaries for the banning abortion, the safety of our military, peace in the world with love and tolerance for one another. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Introduce yourselves to the Bible and fall in love with your Creator!

    Your companion in prayer,
    Mary Sayad

    The Lady of All Nations Prayer

    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father,

    Send now Your Spirit live in the hearts of all nations,

    That they may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.

    May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate. Amen

    *** ‘The Lady of all Nations Foundation’