By Mary Sayad


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    February 1, 2008

    Beloved Friends,

    1) What is inspiration? 2) Where does inspiration come from? 3) How do we know when we are inspired?

    With a catchy melody, "You Are My Inspiration" is sung by a lover to his sweetheart. St. Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Many a sweetheart is enlightened and heartened by his/her fiancée. They're cheerful, happy and alert to the beauty of the world around them. Grass is a vibrant green. Flowers are marvelously fragrant and their beautiful colors of red, pink and yellow are bright and delightful. The sky is decorated with a perfect blue mantle. Even the rain with its pitter-patter seems to be proclaiming a song of joy! Suddenly we're enjoying refreshing dimensions.

    Yes, dear friends, love awakens our senses and heightens our hearts and minds to a higher awareness. Our family and friends know we're in love because you can't hide happiness. Enthusiasm and joy create energy which fills the room with an aura of expectation.

    Love which is inspiring is our precious gift from God.

    Inspiration comes from within us. It is spiritual. The simple word, "Spirit", is found in "Inspiration". When we are doing God's Will, inspiration is God's Spirit illuminating and emanating from within us.

    Therefore, inspiration is enlightenment. It is energizing. It is overwhelming.

    The greatest inventors, Thomas Edison, Ford, the Wright brothers to name a few, transformed the world and the lives of all future generations by their intellectual and technical inventions. Their prolific inspirations and contributions were extraordinary and I can't imagine our lives without electricity, cars or planes. These inventors loved their work and their love inspired them towards success.

    We know that we've been inspired and empowered when we've taken a step beyond ourselves and we've transcended our limitations. We've matured spiritually and we'll never be the same.

    Lent is quickly approaching. St. Valentine's Day is always celebrated before or during Lent. While Lent is a time of fasting and abstaining, it is also a time for charitable works, additional prayers and reflections on Jesus' ministry and passion. Lent gives us the opportunity to forgive all who have been offensive to us and to go forward with God's graces.

    In describing The Christophers, a non-profit organization which was founded by Father James Keller in 1945, *** "Each of us has, by the grace of God, the power to change the world for the better. Every act of care and concern for others has a ripple effect, touching many lives. The love to which we are called by the Gospel extends not only to our neighbors, but to all who live on God's Good Earth -- today and in time to come. 'Inspiring you to fulfill your personal, God - given mission through constructive action is still what we are all about." ***The Christopher Highlights, newsletter published by The Christophers

    Sirach 50 - "May the God of all creation grant us cheerful hearts and bring us peace all our days."

    Remember our military and their families in your rosary recitals and maintain your prayers for peace in the world as well as peace in our hearts.

    Friends, enjoy your chocolates and flowers!

    Your companion in prayer,

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