By Mary Sayad


  • Understanding the Bible - Part 2
    The New Testament

    Beloved Friends,

    As we continue with understanding the Bible, it is a good idea to save these lessons to your computer or print them for future reference. From here on, we will be focusing primarily with the New Testament.

    Sometimes we will refer to the Old Testament when there are prophetic references of the coming of the saviour or when Christ refers to the scriptures.

    The word gospel means good news. It refers to the first four books of the New Testament.

    Canon or canonical is defined as the books of the Bible that are accepted by the Christian Church.

    The New Testament can be separated into four parts:

    While reading the books of the Bible, we should always bear in mind that the principal author is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspired selected individuals to write down what He wanted them to write. They faithfully followed His guidance in the writing of the Bible and this is known as inspiration.

    Most of my research on this subject came directly from the Holy Bible and a Bible handbook. In addition the pastor of our parish, Fr. Sami Baroody will be reviewing my explanations for verification and accuracy and I thank him for his valued time. Our parish is St. Ann's Melkite Catholic Church.

    I am including a scriptural meditation and a prayer. I hope that it will help you envision Our Lord's infinite mercy and love.

    Psalm 31:6 Into your hands I commend my spirit; you will redeem me, O Lord, O faithful God.

    Prayer Before a Crucifix

    Look down upon me, good and gentle Jesus
    While before your face I humbly kneel;
    And with a burning soul I pray and beseech you
    To fix deep in my heart lively sentiments
    Of faith, hope, and charity,
    True contrition for my sins, and a firm purpose
    Of amendment.
    I contemplate with great love and tender pity
    Your five wounds, pondering upon them within me,
    Calling to mind the words which David, your prophet,
    Said of you, my Jesus,
    "They have pierced my hands and my feet;
    they have numbered all my bones."
    Psalm 22:16-17

    Please remember our troops and their families in your daily prayers. We should also pray for our legislatures to pass laws edifying the glory of God. When our country acknowledges the embodiment of God's presence, God will continue to bless us with the favor of His graces. Thank you.

    Your companion in prayer,

    To be continued......