Mature picture of Jesus our Saviour



    John 1: 1-5
     In the beginning was the Word,
    And the Word was with God,
    And the Word was God.
    All things came to be through Him,
    And without him nothing came to be.
    What came to be through him was life,
    And this life was the light of the human race;
    The light shines in the darkness,
    And the darkness has not overcome it

    In the above beautiful poetic prologue of the Gospel of John the Evangelist, who was Jesus’ beloved Apostle and the youngest, the power, and love of God is presented to us. 

    God is the author of the Holy Bible and He has assigned human authors to write under the authorization of the Holy Spirit.  We become one with the Word of God by reading the Bible.

    Life is a gift.  Embrace this miraculous gift through your relationship with our Heavenly Father through Jesus.

    Jesus is the light of the world and he continues to shine brightly for us when we allow him to illumine our hearts and minds.  We are free to express ourselves through Jesus, thus maintaining our faith and integrity.  Through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we are also enabled to help set others free from sin and darkness, for Jesus’ love is enhanced in us through the eyes of faith.  Indeed, we are enabled to nourish our personal relationship with Christ and also reach the fullness of life through evangelization.

    Start this New Year by resolving to set aside some time to read the Holy Bible on a daily basis.  Fifteen minutes devoted to reading the scriptures is very enriching.  Begin your day with the Word of the Lord and watch how it changes and improves your viewpoint on life! 

    A quote by St. Jerome, Doctor of the Church (331-420A.D) “To know the Scriptures is to know Christ”. 

    Young children are very impressionable.  When they observe their parents reading and discussing the Holy Scriptures, they too will strive to emulate and develop these healthy spiritual habits into their lives. 

    In this barren, secular world, our children will grow with a strong sense of who they are and because they are rooted in their faith and their knowledge of their Catholic heritage, they will develop an unshakable foundation based on the trust of Jesus and Mary.  Their self-confidence will become shining examples for their peers and their acquaintances. 

    Please continue to pray for world peace, the safety of our military and the banning of abortion.

    May you and your families enjoy a blessed, happy and healthy New Year!


    Your companion in prayer,  

    Mary Sayad



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