By Mary Sayad

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    Priest and Doctor
    Feast Day was Monday, June 13, 2005

    Saint Anthony led a remarkable life in his short span of 36 years. He was already a priest and a teacher of theology when he met some early Franciscans on their way to North Africa. When some of them were martyred for the faith, Anthony was inspired to join Saint Francis in Italy. Francis asked him to teach theology to the brethren "provided the spirit of prayer and devotion be not extinguished."

    He agreed and became the most famous preacher of his day. He had great empathy for ordinary people and could explain complicated things clearly. Because of his great knowledge of Scripture, he is usually shown holding a Bible, and has been declared a "Doctor of the Church."

    Today people are still comfortably at ease praying to Saint Anthony, asking his help, seeking the return of lost objects or entrusting someone ill or in trouble to his care.

    Tribute To Saint Anthony of Padua

    Good Saint Anthony, in God's providence you have secured for his people many marvelous favors. You have been especially celebrated for your goodness to the poor and the hungry, for finding employment for those seeking it, for your special care of those who travel, and for keeping safe from harm all who must be away from home.

    You are widely known also, good Saint Anthony for your delicate mercy in finding lost things, for safe delivery of messages and for your concern for women in childbirth.

    In honoring you, Saint Anthony, for the many graces our Lord grants through your favor, we trustfully and confidently ask your aid in our present need.

    Let us pray: May it be a source of joy to your Church, O God, thatwe honor the memory of your confessor and doctor, Saint Anthony. May his spiritual help always make us strong and by his assistance, may we enjoy an eternal reward. This we ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

    Photo of St. Anthony of Padua from original painting at Saint Lawrence Seminary.
    Text from: St. Lawrence Seminary
    301 Church Street
    Mount Calvary, WI 53057-0505

    Saint Lawrence Seminary was founded in 1857, by two Swiss priests. Fathers Francis Haas and Bonaventure Frey. They came to Mt. Calvary for the pirpose of establishing the Capuchin Order in America and with the dream of providing young men with the opportunity to prepare for a life of active ministry in the Catholic Church.

    Dear Friends,

    The current world situation is still very volatile. Our continued rosary recitals, mass attendance and sacrifices are powerful tools against the assaults of the devil. I encourage you to pray ardently for world peace, our troops and their families. Thank you.

    May all fathers and grandfathers have an enjoyable and blessed Fathers Day!

    Your companion in prayer,