By Mary Sayad



    Dear friends,

    What does every home and office have, is taken for granted, is frequently used but rarely acknowledged? We'd hate to be inconvenienced and caught without it when needed!

    Folks, it's glue!! Webster's dictionary defines glue as a gelatin used as an adhesive substance; to join.

    Glue has one purpose. It's mankind's answer to bonding stuff.

    Glue is very much like our Heavenly Father's love. His love is bonded to us from the beginning of our existence into eternity. Because of Jesus' suffering and our baptism, we inherit the kingdom of God.

    Sometimes we allow our spiritual glue to become diluted and loosened. But regardless of our rebelliousness, disobedience and defiance, God's glue or God's love remains adhered to us. God's bond is tough and unconditional. Glue adheres and repairs. With wise spiritual discernment we can gently lead our fellow Christians who have broken away, to return to their Christian family. Moral support with a spiritual message is a responsible aspect of our Christianity. The Holy Spirit and prayer help us to transform hardened hearts of hopeless individuals as well as our own.

    MASTER YOUR PROBLEMS by daily reading of the Bible. It is significant to note that the Bible will assist us in triumphing over adversity - adversity over physical illness, emotional illness, family relationships, financial problems and all the webs we humans are so skilled at weaving. A mere 15 minutes of daily Bible reading is a hands on approach towards understanding our purpose and achieving it successfully. Take Bible study courses. Participating in Bible courses help us to comprehend God's word with clarity and confidence. I suggest that you develop the habit of daily scriptural reading and stick to it! Pray the rosary; the rosary is our defense and weapon against despair and evil.

    Jesus and Mary were sent to guide us by their suffering and unending love. Jesus and Mary were pure and innocent yet they suffered greatly for our sins. "Jesus and Mary we ask you to give us the stamina to allow our sufferings, trials and eventual tribulations to also strengthen the hearts and faith of others." Christian glue remains steadfast with a cohesive vision of sharing with empathy, patience and wisdom.

    I just don't get it! Why are we so glued to making ourselves comfortable on earth? As Christians, we believe that we will be spending eternity, billions of years with Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and Mary and all the angels and saints. Are we forgetting that we're mere transients on earth?

    Let us resolve to give of our time, our most precious commodity, to all in need of spiritual bonding with enthusiasm and joy. Glue for every purpose imaginable. Glue - -let's continue to preserve the spiritual integrity of our bonding with God!

    1 John 4:7,16,17 Beloved, let us love one another because love is of God; everyone who loves is begotten of God and has knowledge of God.

    We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

    Our love is brought to perfection in this, that we should have confidence on the day of judgment; for our relation to this world is just like His.

    May God bless and enlighten us all for His glory. Remember to pray for world peace and our troops.

    Your companion in prayer,