By Mary Sayad

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    June 2007

    The below Mysteries were inadvertently eliminated from the previous sequels. I ask your forgiveness for this mistake.

    The second decade of the Sorrowful Mysteries is the Scourging at the Pillar - **The meditation is PURITY.

    Luke 23-16 "Therefore I (Pontius Pilate) shall have him flogged and then release him."

    Mark 15:15 "So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the crowd, released Barabbbas to them and, after he had Jesus scourged, handed him over to be crucified."

    The Roman soldiers were skilled at administering torture and they were frequently amused by the suffering they inflicted upon the tormented victims. It was customary for the Romans to scourge a criminal before putting him to death. The whip was called a flagrum consisting of two or three leather thongs or ropes of various lengths which were held together by a handle. The thongs were knotted at intervals and contained pieces of metal or small sharp pieces of sheep bones. Connected to the ends of the thongs were hooks known as scorpions which frequently resulted in torn pieces of flesh and muscle as well as considerable loss of blood. The consequential pain was excruciating and severe.

    Tied to a pillar, Jesus is mercilessly whipped with the flagrum. His numerous wounds bled profusely. After the scourging, Jesus was debilitated, in pain and extremely weak. He was ruthlessly thrown into a dark, cold and damp jail to await his final sentence of crucifixion.

    Jesus suffered agonizing pain and humility for our redemption. So great is his love for us that he paid a debt he didn't owe because we owe a debt we cannot pay - - Christ suffered to redeem all of mankind.


    The third decade of the Glorious Mysteries is the Feast of Pentecost also known as the Descent of the Holy Spirit - **The meditation is LOVE OF GOD.

    At the Ascension, Jesus returned to His Father in order for the Holy Spirit (Advocate) to instruct, strengthen and inspire the Apostles, as well as the disciples. At the Feast of Pentecost, tongues appeared above the heads of the Apostles in the building also known as the Cenacle where Jesus instituted the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist. Our Blessed Mother was present during the appearance of the Holy Spirit and was also active in the founding of the Church.

    The Holy Spirit stirs hearts to grow more in the love of God. It is the Holy Spirit who teaches us the secret of Love (Pope Benedict XVI).

    We are servants of God by nature. Sinners turn their backs on God and are blind in faith. Our rank and dignity are restored and regenerated by the Son through the Holy Spirit. We are victorious due to the Holy Spirit's operation in our souls.

    In the Sacrament of Baptism, the Holy Spirit expels the unclean spirit. The Sacrament of Confirmation strengthens Christian life.

    We should earnestly seek the Holy Spirit for He is the unceasing Font of life and holiness.

    Novena To The Holy Spirit

    O Holy Spirit, make me faithful in every thought, and grant that I may always listen to Thy voice, and watch for Thy Light, and follow Thy gracious Inspirations. I cling to Thee, and give myself to Thee, and ask Thee by Thy Compassion to watch over me in my weakness. Holding the Pierced Feet of Jesus, looking at His Five Wounds, trusting in His Precious Blood, adoring His opened Side and stricken Heart, I implore Thee, Adorable Spirit, helper of my