By Mary Sayad



    SEPTEMBER 29, 2004

    For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways - Psalm 91:11

    Although there are myriads of angels, the angels that are mentioned most frequently in the Bible are the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Along with the saints, they are considered to be important intercessionaries between God and humans.

    Archangel Michael is popular among Christians, Jews and Muslims. St. Michael is truly the undisputed hero in the war against Satan. He is usually seen with an unsheathed sword which signifies his role as God's great defender. In the Middle Ages, Michael was considered to be the conductor of souls to the other world.

    Archangel Gabriel is better known as the messenger. The most popular announcement by him is the Feast of the Annunciation where Gabriel declares to Our Blessed Mother Mary that she would conceive and bear the saviour of the world, Jesus. Gabriel also announced to Zacharias, the birth of St. John the Baptist. Perhaps it was Gabriel, who appeared in a dream to St. Ann that she would have a daughter whom she would name Mary.

    Archangel Raphael is known as "the shining one who heals". His name has its origins in the Hebrew term meaning healer, doctor or surgeon. As a healing angel, he is often associated with the image of a serpent. He appears to Tobias in the book of Tobit in the Old Testament. He is believed to be the friendliest and funniest of the angelic hierarchy and is frequently shown cheerfully chatting with an unsuspecting mortal.

    "Our life may be filled with
    angels we never recognize.....
    and we, too, may act as
    God's angels in the lives of others
    when we allow God's Spirit to use us .....

    I will not wish thee riches nor the glow of greatness, but that wherever thou go some weary heart shall gladden at thy smile, or shadowed life know sunshine for a while. And so thy path shall be a track of light, like angels' footsteps passing through the night." Words On a Church Wall in Upwaltham, England

    Guardian Angel Prayer
    O Angel of God
    My guardian dear
    To whom God's love commits me here.

    Ever this day be at my side
    To light and guide
    To rule and guide. Amen


    Beloved Friends.

    Since Genesis, war among the Principalities is ongoing. Presently this war is intensified through abandonment of the Lord's commandments, lack of attendance in church, lack of fervour for the sacraments as well as sinful lifestyles. Perhaps the most heinous of sins is the slaughter of the innocent and helpless via abortion and partial-birth abortion which is an abomination to our Heavenly Father.

    The Fifth Commandment given to the prophet Moses and written in stone clearly states THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Harsh as it may sound, abortions kill babies. Upon conception, a fetus has a human soul with the potential to grow in the love of God. God creates us in His image and likeness. Life therefore is sanctified.

    Mothers who have had abortions often suffer guilt, regret and lamentable sorrow. Their joy, happiness and zest for life has been stolen in their youth and they frequently require counseling. No longer comical, "The devil made me do it" syndrome is transformed into a vicius cycle of apathy. Abortion is unnatural and contradicts nature's laws. Unfortunately, many government laws are not commensurate with God's laws.

    Wars are a result of sin. A plethora of hate, terrorism and crimes in our world sends dark clouds into a firmament that was once pristine. I wish to apologize for the disheartening reality of this message but we must bear in mind that we have the power to successfully contest the devil's belligerance. When our faith is tested, we must endeavor to grow in faith and spiritual strength by praying with our hearts for world peace and especially for the conversion of sinners.

    You have the power to assist God's angels to fight their battles by attending mass, receiving the sacraments of Penance and Holy Eucharist frequently. The rosary is our powerful weapon against the devil. Seek holiness through the sacraments and recite the rosary daily so that these actions become a reinforcement in the battle against sin and deception. Thank you.

    Your companion in prayer,