By Mary Sayad



    During these extraordinary times, the devil is roaming the earth and his tools of anger and hate cause disharmony and chaos among families and nations. Make no mistake, the devil is very real and exercises a ravenous appetite. According to our Holy Bible, Satan and his accomplices are diligently working toward causing disruptions. His objective is to grab and use souls and situations to his advantage. His greatest enemy and our strongest defense is the power of prayer (the rosary), the conviction of our faith and living exemplary lives.

    By using the rosary as a spiritually guided approach, a strong and positive force is created towards gaining peace and harmony throughout the world. The rosary is our defense and weapon against Satan. During her apparitions at Medjugorje (the longest apparitions in history, 16 years), Our Blessed Mother also calls us to fast more often, receive the Sacrament of Penance frequently and to try to attend Mass daily.

    Each and every one of us may benefit the world by sharing the love, compassion and understanding of our Heavenly Father through Jesus and Mary. A hands on approach to peace may be applied to our immediate families and friends and beyond our communities. By sharing the miraculous oil of Jersey City with many who cross our lives' paths, and by encouraging them to pray more often, we enable peace to spread like a wondrous healing epidemic.

    This miraculous oil is being sent to us to heal minds and souls as well as bodies.

    Think of it! There is a profound purpose and significance for this miraculous oil. We may all be proactive in promoting the wishes of our Blessed Mother by heeding her wishes of prayer and fasting.

    Fasting builds spiritual character. If we are able, Our Blessed Mother requests that we fast every Wednesday and Friday on bread and water. Some of us are unable to fast on bread and water because of physical problems and limitations or other valid reasons; however, it is possible to fast by eliminating favorite foods, desserts and snacks. In addition, we can give of our time to others by good deeds and making ourselves available to those in need of assistance or attention. Don't fast out of compulsion, but fast lovingly for the intentions of Our Blessed Mother.

    Try to attend Mass daily and pray constantly. Attending Mass is the most perfect form of prayer. Pray while driving, doing your chores and during work. Joyfully become an instrument of God by encouraging your friends to pray more often.

    Receive the Sacrament of Penance more frequently. As we ask for forgiveness, the Sacrament of Penance strengthens our spirituality and also strengthens us during temptations.

    During her apparitions at Medjugorje, Our Blessed Mother says that Satan is consistently trying to defeat her plans. She requests that we form rosary prayer groups. These groups need not be large. They can be two or three people. Her fervent message is to pray and to bring others to prayer. She reminds us to be thankful for the little blessings as well as the large blessings in our lives. The Holy Spirit is ever present to inspire us with spiritual wisdom.

    Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and Mary love us more than we can ever imagine. We may all generate an epidemic of love by our good deeds and by forgiving all who have been offensive to us.

    Let us be like the flowers of the earth. The flowers smile toward heaven, their beauty is quiet and simple and their fragrance is always pleasing.

    I encourage you to read "The Visions of the Children" written by Janice T. Connell. In addition you may visit www. Thank you.

    Your companion in prayer, Mary


    Soul of Christ, sanctify me
    Body of Christ, save me
    Blood of Christ, inebriate me
    Water from Christ's side, wash me
    Passion of Christ, strengthen me
    O good Jesus, hear me
    Within Thy wounds hide me
    Suffer me not to be separated from Thee
    From the malicious enemy defend me
    In the hour of my death call me and bid me
    come unto Thee
    That I may praise Thee with Thy saints and with
    Thy angels forever and ever. Amen