By Mary Sayad


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    Spiritual Freedom

    Combinations of imaginations
    Set my spirit free
    Stories of generations that were here before me

    Settings that were perfect in lands far away
    Abundant with trees, fruits and flowers,
    Wheat, oil and sheep
    Ah, such an array!

    Precious gems, precious metals
    Formed by skilled hands of that time
    While the powerful, the wealthy, the laborers and the beggars
    Moved about in the Market Square side by side.

    Miracles of healing and the dead being raised
    Miracles of sights restored
    Miracles of abundant wine and abundant loaves and fish
    For crowds galore.

    Oh how wonderful these mysteries, that jolt our minds
    Yet, intrigue, greed, plotting and murders can be found
    While the Innocent One was caught and bound.

    Open your eyes but see with your hearts
    Many things have changed; Many have not
    Freedom of the world is not without restraint
    Spirit is endless, unlimited and knows not fear.

    Combinations of imaginations
    Set my spirit free
    When the unchanging words of the Bible
    Infuse me with belief!


    Imagine while immersed in the Bible, the scripture suddenly becomes a reality in your presence. Imagine listening to Jesus' gentle voice filled with compassion while He speaks. Imagine the magnetism of His voice and His captivating appearance. Imagine watching Jesus perform awesome healing miracles in your community. His aura of love is both compelling and radiating.

    Imagine Jesus' mother, our Blessed Mother Mary, reflecting upon her son's goodness and the quiet pride she felt toward her son, a pride that most mothers would understand. His mother, lived a simple but spiritual life; she lived in Jesus' shadows as He proceeded with His ministry.

    Imagine a parade for Jesus offered by a joyful community praising the coming of their Savior. Imagine everyone in your entire world celebrating Jesus and laying palms before His feet. Everyone is cheering and praising Him.

    Imagine Jesus because of His love for us, giving us the bread of life, so that we may live forever in His Father's kingdom.

    Imagine jealousy, plotting and ugly greed. Imagine Jesus healing a soldier who has come to take Him before Pontius Pilate to suffer for the crimes and sins of the Pharisees, the scribes and our sins, the sins of the world.

    Imagine the Innocent of all Innocence betrayed, brutally scourged and beaten. His precious body wounded, His beautiful head scarred and bleeding from a crown of thorns, while Roman soldiers spat upon Him, cursed Him and humiliated Him.

    Imagine Jesus carrying a cross that would be the tool for His ultimate sacrifice. Beaten, hurting, hungry, thirsty and humiliated, He obeyed His Father and continued on to Golgatha (the hill of skulls) with His last breath. Imagine large nails mercilessly hammered into Jesus' precious hands and feet.

    Imagine forgiving everyone for their hate toward Him and His unyielding love for mankind.

    Can you Imagine what his mother was thinking and feeling?

    Imagine a world void of hate and greed. Imagine a gentle community that engages in forgiveness and unconditional love. Imagine a faith-filled society of respect, understanding and compassion.

    Imagine living a simple life with simple conveniences. Imagine freedom from the clamor of television, radios and movies. Imagine not having to keep up with the rapid change and demands of technology.

    Imagine yourself free from a materialistic society and free from competition and envy.

    Imagine having the time to read. Imagine yourself reading the Holy Bible. Imagine yourself absorbed in Jesus' wondrous teachings. Imagine the presence of Jesus by your side constantly.

    Imagine , if we all professed our Christian teachings, we would all have a piece of heaven of earth!

    Mary Sayad 2003

    "In repentence and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength." Isaiah 30:15

    Yes, combinations of imaginations set my spirit free!


    The Power of the Cross is always with us!