By Mary Sayad

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    Above is Our Lady of Jersey City
    (Observe Our Lady reading the Holy Bible)

    October 2009

    Does your energy level need a boost? Are you battling an invisible war? Nobody understands you? Are your thoughts racing chaotically because you’re losing the battle of the bulge?

    Is your gut bloated and out of shape? To add insult to injury, has your butt bottomed out? Not looking and feeling fit? Stressed out and can’t sleep? Insomnia got you down?

    Get on board and lose yourself to the TV tube or better yet, the new flat HD screen! Here’s your chance for the great “pick me up”! What’s that you say? Don’t feel like it and don’t have the energy? Shelf the idea and banish the thought!

    24/7 we Americans are avid shoppers. Daily, effortlessly and adamantly we contribute towards improving our economy. Why? Because we’re patriotic and love our country, especially our new HD flat TV screens.

    When you’re feeling down and out, pick up one of your remotes, and turn on your TV.

    Depressed cause you’re not looking fit? No problemo - honest! Channel to channel will help you replace flab with six pack abs, tighten your derriere, lose weight and look younger in just a few moments each day.

    Now that you’re looking better, is your home neglected? No problemo - honest!

    You need to dust with the magic wand; simultaneously steam and sanitize your floors with the new and improved floor cleaner and then hose and clean your home’s windows, streak free. No apologies required to those unsuspecting birds!

    If it talks to you, buy it. Choose your delight, battle or solution.

    Now that our bodies are firm and fit again, our homes are pristine, and our cars are showroom clean (I just added that last one cause it sounds good), we Americans are a bunch of sleepless zombies. We’re overtired!

    Infomercials have solved our cleaning chores, trimmed our out-of-shaped physiques, and showed us numerous “How to’s” that we no longer know “How not” to differentiate night from day. Why waste your time sleeping when you could be shopping? After all, we are a nation of consummate shoppers.

    What you buy, needs to be paid for,….. eventually by money.

    How do you control your shop-a-holic tendencies? How do you pay off your purchases and what’s the solution to ridiculous consumption? You need to prioritize and eliminate the purchase of unnecessary items. But, you’re probably already aware of how you should be spending your income.

    1) Most folks feel encouraged when reading good advice and make an effort to follow it, at least for a short time and frequently return to their reckless habits.

    2) Some people will make a concerted effort and eventually conquer their unnecessary purchasing tendencies.

    3) Some invariably will not and/or cannot change their imprudent habits and their attempt at masking their feelings of guilt by their obsessive and irresponsible need to purchase which results into deeper debt and loathing of their uncontrollable habits(did you follow that?). These people require professional help and I certainly hope you‘re not in that category!

    Need I say that prayers are powerful in every situation? Pray to improve and eliminate disorderly habits.

    Don’t despair - there’s hope. Trust me, patience, combined with your consistent efforts and awareness will aid you in transforming your thoughtless purchasing habits into careful consideration.

    Ah, what happened to the good ol’ days when there was never a care in the world? Remember when you were satisfied? How simple life was! We were too young to care about keeping up with the Jones’. Do you recall when fun was defined as playing stick ball with your friends on the street or jumping rope while reciting a rhyme? Anyone out there remember what eight hours of sound sleep is like?

    Can you remember how you would practice hitting the ball over and again until you perfected it? Sometimes it’s one step forward and two steps back. Don’t give up! Be patient with yourself. We’re all on a journey of self-improvement and spiritual growth.

    Patience is a virtue. Trust me folks, I didn’t make up this good stuff! It’s all in the Holy Bible.
    2 Peter Chapter 1, versus 5 to 6: “For this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith with virtue, virtue with knowledge, knowledge with self-control, self-control with endurance, endurance with devotion… .”

    Don’t I always encourage you to read the Bible? The Bible is the living Word of the Lord and He wouldn’t steer you in the wrong direction.

    Jesus and Mary are very patient with us, our shortcomings, our imperfections, and all of our numerous sins. Shouldn’t we be more patient with ourselves as well as others? Shouldn’t we demonstrate more gratitude and humility to the Good Lord more often?

    Please continue to pray for world peace, our military and their families. Include in your daily rosaries the banning of abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. We need to maintain God’s Commandments in a world that is hardened and unrelenting to Christian values. Pray, pray, pray…….

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    Your companion in prayer,

    Mary Sayad