By Mary Sayad


  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Gobble, Gobble

    My name is Tom

    I'm not very old

    Thus I was told

    I haven't gone to school

    So I can't read or write

    Thus I was told

    I'm both dark and light

    I have lots of feathers

    And some extra skin

    That dangles

    Under my chin

    And although

    I have wings

    I can't really fly

    Thus I was told

    People make me feel shy

    I have many friends

    And a large family

    It doesn't matter

    Thus they told me

    Gobble, Gobble

    I haven't been educated

    My vocabulary is limited

    Thanksgiving I hear

    Is very near

    Gobble, Gobble

    I love all of you

    Just wish

    You didn't love me too!

    Gobble, Gobble!!

    2004 Mary Sayad

    Prayer of Thanksgiving

    Lord God, your gifts of love are countless and your goodness is infinite. From your hand, we have received generous gifts so that we might learn to share your blessings with others in gratitude. We come to you with gratitude for your kindness. Open our hearts to concern for others, so that we may share your gifts in loving service to them.

    Remember, don't weigh yourself on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, not even Saturday and especially not Sunday. Hit the treadmill on Monday and don't get off till you burn the motor!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

    Your companion in prayer,