By Mary Sayad


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    May 2009

    "Have you seen my brother
    Do you know where he's been?
    Have you seen my mother
    Do you know where she is?"

    I have asked the homeless walking the streets
    At the neighborhood hospital
    I questioned the sick and the suffering
    And to the widow, living all alone
    "Has my mother visited you at your home?"

    The local church was cold and empty
    With only a candle lit near the sacristy
    As my supplications quietly filled the air
    "Have you seen my brother
    Oh, where has he been?
    Have you seen my mother
    Do you know where she is?"

    At the park,
    A beautiful, hungry child sat at the bench
    And he gazed and smiled
    As he whispered softly,
    "Open your eyes

    But see with your heart,
    They are always near and never far…………..

    © 2009 Mary Sayad


    Beloved Friends,

    During the month of May we celebrate Our Blessed Mother's crowning and the feast of Our Lady of Fatima is also celebrated on May 13th. May is Our Lady's special month and we honor her as the Mother of Jesus. Although we pray to her and for her intercession, we do not worship her. We adore Jesus who was Divinely conceived of the Holy Spirit and is both God and man. Jesus is Divine. Mary was human. She directs us to her son and asks us to love Him and follow His teachings according to the Gospels of the New Testament.

    This year, here in the United States, all mothers are honored by their families on Sunday May 10th.

    The above poem depicts a person and/or many persons searching for Jesus and Mary. "Open your eyes, but see with your hearts". Jesus is the portal of every soul and He is everywhere, in everyone and every situation.

    As Pope Benedict the XVI wrote, "keep the flame of faith alive." Jesus and Mary's love are always available for us. You may have a private dialogue with them anytime and anywhere.

    Please continue to pray for world peace, respect for life and the unborn, as well as for our military and their families. Constant prayer has the power to change natural law.

    May all mothers have a beautiful Mother's Day filled with family love!

    Your companion in prayer, Mary Sayad

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