By Mary Sayad

  • Words

    One day I delighted in rhyming some words,
    Like the sound of music, those words should be heard!

    There are words that are short
    And words that are long
    There are words that are weak,
    And words that are strong!

    Should my words rhyme
    One step at a time?
    Or, for goodness sake
    Rumble like an earthquake?

    Extrapolate, exaggerate
    Harmonize, antagonize
    Hypothesize, summarize

    Though I ponder with eager intensity
    This pen is lacking in empathy
    And the contemplation I set out to write
    Like wings of feathers have taken flight

    I'm perplexed and bewildered
    Astonished and confused
    This is so overwhelming
    That I am no longer amused

    Logical, mystical
    Exemplified, magnified
    Ignominious, frivolous

    My thoughts are thus preoccupied
    To say the least, I'm mystified
    Round and round the words do roam
    Searching, searching for a home

    How toilsome can this be?
    Such concentration
    My brain needs a vacation!

    Am I on a roll
    Or have I lost control?
    I must stop this cacophony
    And return to mere simplicity.

    Oh when will we ever learn
    The power of words may soothe or burn!

    1999 Mary Sayad


    Beloved Friends,

    Words, a common denominator of communication, may become a rich source of spiritual strength, or if not guarded, may easily change the direction of a friendship.

    Words have the power to create stability or instability in the fabric of society. Are we victims of habit and talk "off the top of our heads" or are dedicated towards building character by promoting peace and understanding?

    Prayers have been formulated to help us focus with clarity on the Presence of God in our hearts and minds. The Psalms of the Holy Bible were recited by Our Blessed Mother daily from midnight to dawn.

    As Christians we are built on the foundation of the Church. Jesus' teachings provide us with the tools to help us reform and improve our personal lives. The will to reform starts in our hearts and continues as a life-long endeavor.

    There are no magical solutions to personal problems or to world problems, but there is the power of prayer. Prayer enables us to overcome sin, indecision, apprehension and fear. Prayer, words combined to bring our senses in tune with the spirit and loving kindness of the eternal and unchanging Lord express our hope for a more perfect future.

    Prayers fuel our inspirations with grace, fortitude and compassion. Genuine prayer, through the Holy Spirit, infuses our spirits with the love of Jesus and Mary and allows us to be open to and accept the Will of God, Our Heavenly Father.

    Jesus prayed to His Heavenly Father and through his passion, death and resurrection, Jesus triumphed over death. Let us maintain a prayerful life that will sustain us in all our challenges and remember to always express our thankfulness.

    Please continue to pray for world peace and our military and their families. Thank you.

    Your companion in prayer,