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    Jim Kunz's Story

      This story started in March 2001. During a routine physical, the doctor took a series of blood tests to accompany the exam. One of these tests is called a PSA test, which stands for Prostate Specific Antigen, a potential marker for prostate cancer. A normal reading for a man is a score below 4.0. A reading above 4.0, or an increase of a total of your past PSA score of 1.5, even if the total is below 4.0 requires a follow up visit to a Urologist. The results of my PSA were 7.5, an increase of 5.0 from my past test. My first visit to the Urologist was uneventful, no obvious physical sign of cancer was found, and the doctor explained that various other non-life threatening issues could cause the sudden rise in my PSA, however, he felt that a biopsy would be in order to rule out any cancer. The test was set, and I went about my normal routine. Perhaps, needless to say, as time progressed, so did my anxiety and a re-devotion to my faith.

      The test, although uncomfortable, was not a painful experience. The results however, were. I was found to have an aggressive form of cancer. Like most, if not all other cancers, there is a grade level, called a Gleason score for prostate cancer. The numbers run from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst, and effectively untreatable. Normal mid range scores of 4 to 6 is about average. My test results came back as an 8 on the Gleason scale, clearly in the high and more aggressive range. An operation called a radical prostatectomy was scheduled for a month from that point, April 24, 2001, to be exact.

      As time past, my anxiety grew. A close friend of ours, who works with Ray's wife, Nancy, told me about the Rosary and the wondrous works that were going on and being attributed to the prayer group and this fellow named Ray who is blessed with the stigmata. My wife and I attended our first Rosary on April 20, 2001, four days before my surgery. As we arrived, we thought that we most likely wouldn't know anyone who attended the Rosary, other then our friend, since we lived in western Morris County. To our surprise, a former student of my wife, and a neighbor, whose grown children attended school together with our daughters were there. These folks were celebrating miracles that had been afforded them. From that point we felt that this was something very special.

      After the Rosary, I spoke and prayed with Ray. Interestingly, we somehow remembered each other from somewhere, although I had long moved from Jersey City. Little was I to know how we actually paralleled each other's life. Ray prayed with us, gave us a sample of the miraculous oil, and we went home. That night past without incident, and then on Saturday night something special occurred. During a night of deep sleep, I had a dream that I remembered. Scientists claim that we dream every night but seldom recall these dreams. I am certainly one of these, as I couldn't begin to tell you about any dreams before, or after that evening. My dream was more like a voice then anything visual. The voice told me that the lab made a mistake with my Gleason score, it specifically mentioned the term Gleason score. It further went on to say that the Gleason score wasn't as high as indicated, but rather "they" wanted me to get the operation before the cancer spread from the prostate, and that I would be fine. In the morning, I told my wife about the dream, although somewhat skeptical, she accepted it at my word. I also told two other close family members about the dream as well. Tuesday April 24 came. Even though I had this dream that all would be well, the day was anything but pleasant. At 6:30 in the morning, on the way to the hospital, we hit a deer, doing a fair amount of damage to the car. The operation, scheduled for 3 to 4 hours took 6 , and to top it all a thunderstorm came up that evening, knocking curtains and blinds from the windows at home and soaking carpets. It seemed as if some evil force wouldn't yield and go away defeated and quiet.

      That Friday, while lying in the hospital bed, accompanied by my wife and the close family members who I told of my dream, we were met by the doctor. He was quite happy telling me that he had good news; I thought that perhaps I was going to be released from the hospital. He told us that he had the results from the pathology tests, all the margins from the tissue around the prostate were clear of cancer, meaning it hadn't spread. Additionally, the results indicated that my Gleason score had actually been much lower then originally indicated; it came back as a 6, not an 8. Further, this was a very unusual occurrence not normally seen; in fact out of the thousands of operations he had performed, he didn't recall a "mistake" of such magnitude. My family and I looked at each other hugged, cried, and remembered the dream.

      Since then, we have attended the Rosary faithfully, used the oil and have praised God for our own little miracle. I've often thought about the mechanism that helped save my life, and I'm not quite sure it's explainable. I feel that Ray is a catalyst for prayer, that he has an "inside track," so to speak. The miracle comes from God, with perhaps a good word from Mary and St. Ann, who Ray asks for their intercession. Whatever the method, the results are nothing less then miraculous! Since we've been going to the Rosary, amazing "coincidences" have accompanied us, too many and perhaps too small to relate. But to give you an indication of them, I mentioned that Ray and I remembered each other from someplace. It seems that we both loaded trucks as teenagers at a local trucking company. Our birthdays are two days apart, my parents are buried in the cemetery close to Ray's home, and my family has been using the house next to his as a landmark to find the gravesite. I don't understand how or why this has happened, only that it has. I thank Ray for being available for calls, prayers, and for his suffering. Most of all, for being that channel to help our prayers be heard just a little bit more!

      The postscript to the story is that I'm almost three years out from the surgery, and still the cancer remains undetectable. Our faith has grown, and we value our time and look forward to many years of happiness together.


    A Broken Finger

      I had a broken finger (I broke it three times over the years in different places) that ever since it broke every time it rained it would hurt...I used your oil on the finger and I have not had any pain since...

      Craig Stepneski


    The Rose

      Do you remember me telling you that I went to the prayer service March 1st of this year in Jersey City to the ray of hope foundation. Do you remember me telling you that I received a rose that had been dipped in oil that was flowing out of the Holy Picture. Well my rose is still solt and the leaves are still green and not dry. On 6/29 we had an 80th birthday party for ny cousin .Our mutual friend who is a deacon in the church was there and I was telling him about the foundation. JHe said he had heard about Ray but was not too familiar with the details an I told him all that I knew. He asked to see the rose and he pulled it out of the bud vasewhich still has water in it. I did not believe my eyes. It has ROOTS AND THERE ARE 2 NOBS ON THE STEM THAGT LOOK LIKE THEY ARE GOING TO SSPROUT ANOTHER BRANCH OR ROSE OR SOMETHING. I ALMOST DIED. I AM TRULY OVERWHELMED TO THINK THIS ROSE HAS LASTED FROM 3/1. AS YOU KNOW ROSES ARE SO ERISHABLE, THEY REALLY DO NOT LAST TOO LONG IN THE BEST OF CONDITIONS,,,I WAS SO HAPPY TO THINK IT WAS STILL ALIVE BUT TO FIND ROOTS. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY FEELINGS . WHEN I RECEIVED MARIETTA, I FELT THAT I HAD BEEN SINGLED OUT AT MY AGE TO RECEIVE A LITTLE GIRL OF THE BLUE. THEN MY ROSE BUSH FROM SOUTH ORANGE THAT WAS ALMOST DEAD AFTER 55 UYEAS OF NO GROWTH, STUNTED. MY GRANDMOTHER HAD PLANTED IT ON 12 STREET AND WHEN WE MOVED TO SOUTH ORANGE MY MOTHER TOOK BOTH ROSE BUSHED WITH US. ONE DIED AND THE OTHER BARELY HUNG ON, BY A THREAD. THAT WAS l952. NOW IN 2002 I MOVED TO WARETWON AND UPROOTED THIS PATHETIC LITTLE STUMP AGAIN. IT USED TO PRODUCE ONE ROSE A YEAR. THE GARDNE LAUGHED AT ME, HE SAID IT WAS A WASTE OF HIS TIME AND MY MONEY. I ASKED HIM TO HUMOR ME AND PLANT IT DOWN AT THE HORE ALONG THE FENCE. I SILENTLY ASKED ST THERESA TO GIVE ME A SIGN IF I HAD MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE TO MOVE TO WARETWON. I ASKEWD HER TO LE IT BLOOM LIKE NEVER BEFORE. WELL I WISH YOU COULD SEE IT - IT HAS TAKEN OVER TWOSEGEMNTS OF THE FENCE AND MUST HAVE HAD ART LEAST 500 ROSES ON IT . THEY ARE PINK FOR ST THERESA. ANDNOW THIS, A CUT STEM, A RED ROSE THAT NOW HAS ROOTS AND 2 NOBS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    We Believe in Miracles

      Maryanne Benardo(my daughter) could not raise her right arm above her shoulder and was in pain. She had an MRI done and yesterday(Tues.1/7)the MD's secretary called and said the results are in and the doc wants to see her Friday to discuss her options. The secretary could not tell Maryanne the results. She was showing me how bad her condition was at 4PM today(Wed) and I gave her a cotton ball of oil I had in my pocket. At 9pm i arrived home and there was a message from Maryanne to call her. I did so,and she was all excied. She rubbed the oil on her shoulder and in a few minutes her pinky started fluttering on its own. The pain left and she can raise her arm over her head without any diffuculty. The best part of this is that it will get her and her husband back to church. You may publicize this.

      Joe Leach


    Joseph Lipari

      My name is Joseph Lipari and I have severe Diabetes. I have been on Dialysis almost 3 years now. My shunts in my arms where they connect the dialysis machine keep clogging up and they have to find new places to connect me. They opened up my abdominal wall to put the shunt in there. Needless to say, it did not work but created a abscess that sent me to the hospitals and nursing home for the last 10 months. I lost count of how many times they took me to the operating room to clean out and debride the wound. It would not heal, which is a side effect of the diabetes. I could not walk, it was too painful,from not walking I developed gangrene in my toes . Thankfully they managed to save all my toes except the pinky which eventually fell off. One day my friend Connie came to see me at the nursing home and started telling me about Ray. I listened but that is all I did. I have not been to church or confession in 40 years.She mailed me some cotton balls with oil on them. I left them on the night table beside my bed. I kept looking at them.One day I took one and wiped the area around the would and then placed the cotton ball under the bandage.I did this for 2 days and then the doctor came in to redress the wound. He removed the bandages and just looked. I saw his face and became frightened, and asked what was wrong. He replied nothing, it was just that the wound had made a turn around. Everytime they debrided it became little larger since they take all the effected skin off. The wound was now cleaner, looked smaller and did not have to be debrided again so they cancelled Monday's debridment surgery.He call his superior's in to look and they wanted to know what I did. I TOLD THEM AND THEY said to keep it up.I am still using the cotton balls as Connie keeps sending them and the wound has gotten much smaller. When I started usung the balls, the would was about 10 inches long. It is now about four inches long but keeps getting smaller every day. She recently told me that she told Ray about me and asked him to pray for me which he promised he would do. She also told me that she gave him my picture to pray over. I am now at home for the first time in 10 months. I still have trouble getting round but am getting stronger with each passing day. When I left the hospital , the doctors told me that they never expected that wound in my abdomen to close and that eventually it would have become life threatening and with my Diabetes, it could very well have been. As soon as I am stronger and walking better, Connie is going to take me to Jersey City to meet Ray and give an oral testimony which I am only to happy to do.I am now trying to get my sister to come from FLorida,as she is a very sick woman also and my kid brother, who is diabetic and lost both his legs to it.
      Sincerely Joe Lipari.


    Bahir Ibrahim

      MY name is Bahir Ibrahim and I migrated from Egypt in March 1969 with my brothers. My parents followed later. My father was a Presbyterian Priest and was also the Dean of the American School System in all of Egypt; my mother was Professor of English Literature. We are 6 children,, four engineers and two medical doctors.

      In the winter of 2000,my 85 year old mother was coming down the escalator at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan when she fell down the escalator. She claimed she was fine but a huge black and bluemark appeared on her left leg, below the knee. Instead of clearing up, it became bluer and bluer and finally turned black. My mother complained about the pain and could not walk on it.After several weeks, it erupted and all this vile pus came out. My sister who is a cardiologist a Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, Long Island, did not like this and brought my mother to Winthrop for a check up. They biopsied her and came back with the diagnosis of Angiosarcoma, which is one of the most aggressive and deadly forms of cancer . They said there wasn't"t anything they could do . We then took my mother to Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan for a second opinion. They looked at the slides and X-rays and agreed with the doctors a Winthrop .The specialists wanted to take her leg at the hip, not as a "cure" for they `also felt it was terminal, but only as a measure to buy her time.We had a family conference and my brother Bessel, who is an Invasive and Interventional cardiologist in Florida ,and we decided not to take her leg as it would only lead to severe depression and a faster death for my mother. If The Lord wanted her, let her go in one piece. We opted for the radiation treatments and my mother went through two rounds of radiation,, 12 treatments each round and then the doctors said the tumor was not that much smaller. By this time the pain was intolerable and my mother used to scream all the time.rMy sister had nurses for her around the clock but the wound would not heal and the radiation seemed to have made it larger My wife was telling her cousin, Lucille Buonocore about it, and Lucille suggested taking her to see Ray But at this time , my brother from Florida came to get my Mom and brought her back to Florida,as we all thought she would be more comfortable there since it was more like her birth climate. It was impossible to bring her back up so, Toni, my wife, suggested coming and see Ray and bringing my mother's picture to Ray so that he could pray over it.I was very skeptical to say the least, but my wife insisted, sealing the argument withe statement "What have we got to loose?" So on February 1st,2002, we went to Jersey City to meet Ray. My wife gave Ray the picture, which he clasped in one hand and then sealed it by putting the other hand over it, promising that the would pray for her and that he felt good about it He also gave us cotton balls which had been dipped in he Holy Oil. I was becoming more astounded by the minute. We mailed the cotton balls to Florida and I strongly advised my mother not to touch the edge of the wound with the cotton ball but to go around the perimeter. I was afraid she would get an infection. I used to call my mother on the phone but I could not talk to her for long because she used to cry out in pain and I would hang up. I called her three days after she received the cotton balls to see how she was feeling and she sad about the same. I told Toni who quickly counselled me"to give it a chance, miracles do not happen overnight.." I called again and this time my mother told me that the pain had subsided somewhat. This seemed like good news but was it really true or my mother's imagination? I CALLED Again AND my mother told me that yes the pain was definitely less and the wound looked smaller.I did not believe it-I put my brother on page at the hospital and when he called back, I asked it was true that the wound was smaller and the pain less and he answered with a definite yes. I was very happy but still...... Toni called me "Doubting Thomas".. This continued until the pain was all gone and the wound closed completely.She improved to the point where she started to walk with a walker and my brother got rid of the wheelchair. My mother was so impressed and believed in Ray that she told my brother and the rest of us that she wanted to come backup to Long Island so she could meet Ray face to face and say "thank you." Before she left Florida, my brother took her back to the Oncologist and had her re-evaluated. They took three biopsies from different areas of the wound site to see if the sarcoma had arrested. The biopsies all came back NEGATIVE. We could not believe it. My mother said "She knew it because she felt it." On Friday, September 6th,2002, Toni and I brought my mother to met Ray. I gave an oral testimony to the crowd with my mother and my wife, Toni,standing alongside of me the whole time.!!!! When I think back to eight months ago, when she left for Florida., we had a birthday party for her before she left. It was the most unhappy birthday party ever, with everyone thinking it was her last and she would never come back from Florida.She sensed it and tried to reassure us she would be back. We agreed and tried to humor her. Who ever thought I would be standing in the Moose Lodge ,8 months later, telling her story! AS MAMA SAYS 'THANKS BE TO GOD AND RAY!"



      Miracle August 24, 2002

      I went to one of your prayer services at St. Mary's Church. At the time I didn't need prayers for me but asked that a friend of mine's husband be healed - he was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer and was to undergo various treatments, including surgery. While I did not mail them the oil I did pray very hard for him through Ray and asked for his blessing. After 8 weeks of chemo and radiation he is now cancer free. In fact, his wife e-mailed me today that a full body PET scan showed no signs of cancer anywhere in his body and that "it is truly a miracle." I really believe my friend's husband has been cured through the miracle of the prayers.
      Thank you.

      At this time, I would like to ask for prayers for my boss who is severly diabetic and has now been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I still have the oil from the last time and will pray very hard for him to be cured. Please ask Ray's blessing again for my boss and friend who is very ill.
      Thank you.

    Pouring Oil - August 30,2002

      During the month of July, 2002, at the rosary house, Ray, my husband Elias and myself experienced a beautiful miracle. After our rosary recital, I requested from Ray additional miraculous oil to take home for the purpose of distributing the oil to many individuals in need of various healings. I have made it a habit to always carry with me packets of the oil along with the newspaper copies of Ray's stigmata and miracles.

      I brought with me two small bottles with a capacity of approximately one ounce each. One of the bottles was opaque plastic and originally contained holy water. The other smaller bottle(approx. 1/2 oz capacity) was glass. Ray told me that the miraculous portrait did not produce enough oil for the tray that evening but as he proceeded to pour the available small amount of oil into the plastic bottle, the bottle instantly filled up with the miraculous oil; I brought him the glass bottle and that bottle filled to the top and Ray still had some remaining oil. Ray was amazed with this unusual experience as was myself and my husband. I recall watching as Ray began to pour the oil into the bottle. I stood dumbfounded at how the first bottle was filled instantly and there was more for the second bottle. We then realized that we had just experienced a very beautiful and unexpected miracle! Well, I guess that most miracles are unexpected and frequently they are unannounced and quiet. I am very thankful and humbled by this awesome experience.

      Truly, this is another example of the power and the love of Jesus, Our Blessed Mother and St. Ann. The Mother of God loves each of us beyond our understanding and she "desires to grant all that is asked on her account." (St. Theophilus of Antioch)

      Pray the rosary and encourage others to pray the rosary.

      Your friend in prayer,
      Mary Sayad

    Miracle Healings - July 29, 2002

      Miracle Healings in Jersey City, NJ USA
      By Diane Ele

      A miraculous healing took place last month in September, 2000 at the monthly Rosary in Jersey City, NJ honoring the weeping icon of Holy Mary and her mother St. Ann. The icon plus other religious figures in the house of Ray and Nancy Skop drip tears of oil. This oil is used as a healing aid to the sick. Ray Skop, the owner of the icon has frequently shown signs of Stigmata on his hands, head and feet and speaks to Holy Mary in visions and dreams.

      Two girls ages 15 and 16 came to Ray Skop for healing beacause of an illness where they were unable to walk for about 2 years. The doctors could not explain this crippling disease. When they did attempt to walk, the girls could barely hold their own weight and wabbled uncontrollably as they made steps.

      When the girls arrived, Ray told them that thier legs would feel differently and they would walk. Well, the girls legs turned red and Ray grabbed 1 girl on each arm and walked them up the aisle. To everyone's surprise the girls started to walk. The girls were cured. After this, they both were overcome with tears. One of the girls cried for 2 hours. Her name is Laurie.

      Laurie's mother was unable to attend this Rosary, so she attended with the other girl and her mother. After Laurie composed herself, she called her mother and said to her, "You are not going to believe this, I am walking". Her mother said that she didn't believe it. When she got home, her mother was shocked to see her daughter completely recovered.

      The next morning, Laurie woke up and ran around the house and in her backyard, she was cured. Laurie is now preparing to join the Soccer team once again as she was Most Valuable Player before this illness struck. Is this a coincidence? Laurie's mother swears it is a true miracle.

    Aaron James - Feb 27, 2002

      Dear Friends,
      Last month I wrote reporting the miracle my daughter's sister-in-law, Lydia's, pregnancy. Lydia was married for five years and had suffered two miscarriages and thereafter was unable to conceive. She and her husband had just begun the routine fertilization testing process. I gave her some of the miraculous oil from Our Blessed Mother and encouraged her to pray and soon after quite surprisingly, she became pregnant.

      This past Monday, February 18, 2002 she delivered a 5lb. 8 oz. baby boy. They named him Aaron James.

      Well, mother and child are doing fine and the father is elated and a stronger believer!

      This is just one happy result that is an example of the miracles taking place all around us.

      We must all remember that the message of the Blessed Mother is to pray more often, and especially to pray the rosary.

      Your friend in prayer,

    Miraculous Oil

      Miraculous Oil - Feb 18 2002

      Dear Marie,

      I am attaching a wonderful letter from a friend who resides in Brooklyn. She is testifying to the miraculous oil that I mailed to her:

      Dear Mary,

      Many, many thanks for your good wishes, the copy of the news article describing phenomena regarding St. Ann and the Blessed Mother and mostly the holy oil.

      After setting aside a few moments to sit and really read the letter and article you sent, I began to pray. My miracle was after blessing myself with the holy oil, I got a warm feeling where I applied the oil, but what I asked for was help - I've been wanting to stop smoking and could not do it, also I was resisting the use of nicotine aids. After about two days, I just prayed as usual, then was able to get by each day and not smoke or purchase any more. I feel I was assisted by the oil, it was a combination of everything and have been trying to do this for quite some time, and now I did it, not entirely alone. I believe I was assisted from above. I am thankful for the messenger - thank you Mary.

      While at the Rosary at Jeanette Farage's home recently, she passed the envelope of oil and said this oil never seems to go dry (the cotton) and that she's taken it all about to different meetings of people. What could it be?

      Lorraine and I are going to try and get to New Jersey where we can see the picture.

      Once again thank you for taking the time out to send the things you did and your good wishes. God's blessings on you and yours.

      Love, Barbara

    Mystery Woman

      Mystery Woman - Feb. 8/02


      My daughters friend is pregnant and has been going to the Rosary meetings. The unborn infant has a defect in the heart and will need an operation immediately after birth. The girl says the Rosary every day and uses the oil from a cotton ball. This afternoon(saturday) she took her two boys (8 and 12) to the movies at a mall in Sayerville. After the show she went to the ladies room and told the boys to wait for her. While at the sink she noticed a woman standing next to her observing her in the mirror. The girl says she was taken by the beauty of the lady. She says she literally was the most beautiful woman she ever saw. The woman smiled and said" I see you are having a baby." When the girl answered yes,the woman reached out and touched her stomach and said,"you know this is a gift from God." The girl acknowledged that she knew this, and again the woman said,"you know,this is a gift from God. The girl left but felt she should talk to the woman some more and told the boys "lets wait for a woman I met in there. They waited outside of the ladies room and no one came out. When she went in to see the woman,the room was empty.

      When she got home,she started to say the Rosary and took out a cotton ball. The ball overflowed with oil. So much so,that her hand was covered and dripping with oil.I'm sure she'll be there on the lst to tell her story,but I could'nt wait to tell someone.

      Joe Leach

    "Little Miracles"

      "Little Miracles" - January 7, 2002

      Hi Marie,

      I just wanted to tell you that it was nice seeing you again last Friday. I brought a friend, Samira, who recently underwent colon surgery and may require chemo. Ray prayed for her after the rosary.

      For the third time, I'm mailing my friend, Marie, who lives in North Carolina more miraculous oil. Seems to me that all my friends with the name of Marie are very kind and spiritual. She in turn has been giving her friends, who are in need of healing the miraculous oil. You might say that she is my recruit in NC. I also have another recruit in Rhode Island, Antoinette, who distributes the oil to those in need of healing. Antoinette's daughter, Mimi, has also become active in distributing the oil. Mimi's husband is an internist and very well known in their community. I hope that you now understand why it's important for me to always have a supply of miraculous oil. My dentist attended last Fri. rosary meeting for the first time. He brought three of his friends. He has back problems and tells me that each time he uses the oil, his pain subsides. Another friend tells me that her knee pain lessens with each application of the holy oil. She had laproscopic knee surgery approx. 5 years ago and has been in pain ever since. My daughter, Judy's sister-in-law was married for five years and suffered two miscarriages and was unable to conceive thereafter. I told her to use the oil and to pray. A few weeks later she confided that she became pregnant. Her baby is due this coming February. I love hearing this stuff!!

      You might describe me as a "big mouth". I have told many people and I encourage everyone I give or mail the oil to, that the Blessed Mother is asking for prayers and especially prayers for world peace.

      My oldest daughter, MaryLou, has also been distributing the oil to those who are undergoing chemo or have other health problems. She's as adamant as I am about the Blessed Mother.

      I have given and mailed friends and relatives in Brooklyn, NY the oil. There are so many people with a variety of ailments that it is difficult to comprehend. I derive my strength from Jesus and His Mother. I have a deep sense of responsibility towards serving Them. I love Jesus and Mary very much and am happy to serve them. You might call me a Jesus and Mary "elve"- an elve that loves to broadcast. We really have to laugh and smile!

      Well, this note has grown longer than I expected. Hope you don't mind. You're on my daily rosary recital list. I believe that your prayers are being answered and I feel confident that you're on your way to getting better. See ya' at the next prayer meeting.

      Warm thoughts,

    Martha V. Witt Story

      Martha V. Witt Story - February 27, 2001

      To give you a little background, in May 1999, I had a colonoscopy performed and discovered I had colon cancer! The tumor had spread to my liver. Surgery was performed 4 days later and was told it was malignant. I was told there was o cure for my cancer, but chemotherapy would "buy me time." Needless to say, my future wasn't very bright; in fact, it appeared downright bleak!

      I am married with two children (our son was just starting his career as a special education teacher and our daughter had entered her sophomore year in college at the time). To be brief, I had much to live for and look forward to. However, I took the news in stride and never became depressed. I continued my life as normally as possible and truly appreciated each day as a blessing. I was constantly told I had a great attitude and outlook on life.

      I started chemotherapy in July 1999 (for one full year). In the fall (I think it was October), my very dear and close friend (Mrs. Louise Savino) told me about Ray. She urged me to accompany her on the evening that he prays the rosary. At that time, Ray was having the meetings in the basement of his home.

      Coincidently, that was the evening that Ray was holding a beautiful blond-haired little girl who could not walk in his arms. He asked us all to help pray for her, because she was a very special child. After the rosary, my friend went up to Ray and asked him if he would please pray over me, as he did with many people that asked him for a special blessing. When he put his hand on me and prayed for me, he was still holding the little girl. I started to cry, which was the first time I shed a tear since I heard of my diagnosis. I don't think I was crying for myself, but I felt very touched by the little girl.

      I continued my chemotherapy. By that Christmas, I had routine tests taken. My Oncologist told me the cancer "marker" number had gone down. By the end of my treatments the following year, I seemed to be in remission!

      I honestly cannot say with all conviction that it was definitely a "miracle." But... when I asked my doctor (the Oncologist) if she thought she would see the good results with me, she shook her head and said she didn't think so from the early prognosis. In fact, when she reported my results to the surgeon who operated on me, she told me he was quite surprised!!!

      So, I'd like to think that in addition to the chemo, it was Ray's prayer for me that night, plus all the prayers from my family and friends. I will continue to attend his rosary services every chance I get. My friend Louise is thoroughly confined it was Ray's intercession for me...and maybe it was!

      Good luck with your book and may God always bless your little girl, and your family, and of course, Ray.

      Martha Witt

    Jennifer's Story

      Jennifer's Story February 13, 2001

      My daughter at the time was 14 years old. Jennifer was going to have hand surgery. Jen was born with a right hand deformity. Jen's surgery was scheduled for December 13, 1999 at 8:30 am and all went well thank God. But the healing pain was unbearable - just too painful. So I called Ray as he instructed after her surgery. Ray told me to bring Jen over, he held her hand and prayed over the her. The expression that came over my Jennifer's face...you could actually see the relief on her face. As soon as we got into the car Jen cried and finally slept.

      Thank you Ray.

      We love you,
      Diane and Jennifer

    Joanne Obrero

      Joanne Obrero Story December 22, 2001

      I was diagnosed with gastric cancer in June 2000. The cancer started at the gastric-esophageal junction and had spread to the pancreas and colon. By the time the doctors found what was wrong with me, it was in advanced stages and surgery was not an option. I was hospitalized for a month and Sloan Kettering hospital started chemotherapy treatment immediately. After two months the cat-scan showed no shrinkage. The doctor told me they would try other treatments but she didn't think they could cure me. It seemed they would prolong my life as long as they could. I was very discouraged and felt hopeless. I did start seeing a different oncologist who I felt had a more positive attitude and was more aggressive. Then my good friend and neighbor, Pat Keating, told me about Ray. He came over and excitedly explained that he knew Ray for many years. That he had worked for Ray's father. He said that there were lots of amazing stories about miracles of healing that Ray was responsible for through his prayers. At this point I would do anything to get healthy. I am only 39 years old and I have two small kids that need me. So Pat took me to Ray's house and he prayed with me and I held the picture and Ray told me that he felt I was going to be ok. He kept in touch with me and called me during my chemotherapy treatments and we talked and became good friends. He had the rosary society pray for me and he prayed on the phone with me. I met him on October 18th 2000. After a few more rounds of chemo, the doctor did an endoscopy and saw the lesion that once showed up as an ulceration was now gone. He biopsied the areas and it came back negative. He was amazed and told me that I have a benign mucosa in the lining of my stomach! He told me the good news on December 11th 2000. I think the oncologist in New York is still shocked that his treatment worked so quickly. So far, I feel great and I'm eating and that was something I had a lot of trouble with. Ray was so kind to bring us to his house and he was so compassionate about what I was going through. I have never met anyone like him. I have only been to one rosary meeting but I can see he is a truly gifted and special person. He is also a friend to me and he still prays for me and keeps in touch. He never expects anything in return for all he does for others. He sincerely loves helping people and he was so happy when I told him my good news. I had faith in him and prayed so much for me and because of him I have experienced a miracle.


    Anna Palladina's Story

      Anna Palladina's Story - December 8th, 2001

      Hi Debra,

      I met you at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel gym on the 8th. I came in early with Ray and my cousins from Lake Hopatcong. I don't know if you remember my story. I had had a stroke and was left paralyzed on my left side. I went to Ray's house and by the second week I started to move my arm and my fingers. In June of 1998 I had gone for a mamogram and a growth was discovered. I was scheduled to go for a needle-o-biopsy on July 17. I saw Ray the night before. He told me that when I went for the biopsy they would not find anything. I thought, "God, we know it's there. I saw the x-rays". The following day came and I went in the hospital room holding a photo of the Blessed Mother which Ray had given me. After _ hour of trying to find the tumor and another hour with 4 different doctors the tumor was no where to be found.

      Faith and prayer are very strong medicine!