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    Valeria's Dumitru's Story

      My name is Valeria Dumitru. I came in USA in 1991 from Romania with the desire to fulfill my dreams. Coming here, I had to face the most difficult years of my life, as a single woman, knowing nobody, I had to start my life from zero, and I had to learn to adapt myself to a new system.
      My American road was very bumpy but I knew one day everything would be better. I worked hard to make things happen and I neglected my health. It was not important what I ate, it was not important how I rested. Actually I was restless. I didn't have any vacation, all my spare hours I used to study, to learn the language, to learn how to make things better.
      Things just started to become better until one day.
      It was a beautiful day of August 1998 when the weather just started to cool down. I was taking a shower when unexpectedly I felt something, like a walnut, in my left breast. I panicked for a second. But I told myself that it is not going to happen to me. I heard about cancer, I've seen people dying of it, young people, being deeply moved for not being able to help them.
      I had a friend that I spoke to about what I felt and she forced me to go to have a mammogram done. I didn't want, I was too busy for such of nonsense. But she insisted so much that she made me go.
      The technologist was a young lady, very nice, her name was Panky. She palpated me and she told me that, from her experience, if that hard thing is moving, it is not cancer. But, just in case it is, she told me not to be afraid because in these days, breast cancer is not a problem anymore. She told me that her ant had it and she is fine after the surgery. She made me feel much better. She asked me who is my doctor, and I told her I don't have one, I was a very healthy person. But she said she has to send the report to a doctor. The only doctor that I thought about at that time was Dr. Hirsh, in Parsippany, a gynecologist.
      In only a few days, Dr. Hirsh left a message on my voice mail as the report is negative, so is not reason to worry, are some cystic changes but "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT". I listened to the message a few times to make sure I don't miss anything and… I didn't worry about. So I didn't worry about in September, I didn't worry about in October, I didn't worry about in November, in spite of the fact I felt something was growing. I could feel that something became like almost half of my breast. But I was so busy and so sure that is not going to happen to me, and so trustful in my mammogram and in Dr. Hirsh, so I didn't worry about.
      Until one day that I told my friend Cristina, who happen to be a doctor, a dentist. She looked on my film and she said: I don't know how medicine is practiced here, but looking on your film, I want you to go see an oncologist. I don't like your film and I don't like how it feels at palpation. She scared me. It was December, busy with the holidays, but I promised her that I will go to see on oncologist in January.
      On January 3rd I went to Dr. Mircea to have a test done that was required to apply for a job in teaching. I took the films with me. After I spoke to him about the test that I needed, I asked him if he can take a look at my films because I feel something in my left breast. Instead to look at the film He asked me to go on the consultation table. When he consulted me, I've seen his face changing. He asked me to have a biopsy done in no more then 24 hours. He tried to reassure me that we do that just in case, to prevent the worst. It was a very long delay to have the result of my test, in spite of the fact I called almost everyday to see if it was ready. I couldn't sleep for days, I was extremely nervous and living in that incertitude drove me creasy. Probably they ware the longest days of my life and the most difficult ones. Waiting to know for sure if you have cancer or you don't, is like to wait for your life condemnation.
      I went back to Dr. Mircea and he called the lab. They faxed the report to him within minutes. I remember watching his face, to try to guess what was on the paper just looking at him. I knew it. His face expressed exactly what he was reading. I started to tremble. He took a breath, he looked at me, and he tried to choose his words to make sure I won't have a shock. He said in a very sweet tone of voice: "You have a little, little cancer, but don't worry because I will help you. I will send you to the best specialist". Why didn't you come to me right when you felt that lump?" I didn't know he was the right doctor, I thought he doesn't have anything to do with cancer because he is a primary doctor.
      That very moment, my entire horizon disappeared. Everything started to take another dimension in my mind. The floor was not strong enough to hold my body. My legs lost their strengths. Every single cell of my body took that message as an alarm system that went off. It was a feeling that I didn't have air to breathe, but the worst was I knew that from now on I won't have enough air to breathe. Tears in my eyes came uncontrolled. Dr. Mircea asked his patients to wait for him because he has an emergency. He took me to the Clara Maass Hospital, in Bellville and he introduced me to Dr Rudy, a young breast surgeon. She was so nice and gave me a consultation during her lunch time. She made some crosses on my chest, she measured my tumor and she told me that dam tumor (now, for the first time I had to get used that I had a tumor) it measured 13x15 centimeters. I asked her why my mammogram didn't show anything and she said that in only 90% of the cases the mammogram is accurate. I was, obviously, in those 10%. I was very revolted how come a mammogram can't be reliable. Why I am different than most of the people?
      Dr. Mircea sent me also to Dr. Scopetuollo, who he told me is the best oncologist in the hospital. Dr. Scopetuollo presented me the options, but my mind was not recorded anything. I was thinking when I will die. How long I have left. I remember he said something about bone marrow transplant, I remember he said something about a high dose of chemotherapy with a combination of adriamicyn and ….I remember he said I will be in the hospital for at least three weeks. I panicked. I was just a single woman, all my family was in Romania. Who was going to take care of me? Why me? Why I was so cursed? Right now when things started to become better in my life, why this? Why God doesn't love me? Why does He punish me? Was I the worst person on the face of earth to be punished so bad? I knew a lot of bad people who didn't have to be sick. Until just yesterday I was one person. From today on I will be a different person: a person above each the sky will be very dark, a person for who a sunny day will never have the same meaning as it used to, more than that it will never be a sunny day for me. I felt like half of me was already buried.
      Dr. Mircea told me: "Cry, but when the tears will dry, get to the action. We don't have any time to waist".
      I called my brother in Romania. I was his sister and I needed to feel like his little sister needed support, attention and love. So, what if it was a Sunday? So, what if he was at a party with his family? He had to know that I have cancer. The words sounded strange from my mouth, it was like I spoke about somebody else. I was so selfish… I didn't realize how much pain I sent to him.
      In a very short time he called me and he told me about a Romanian doctor that treats cancer with herbs and diet with a rate of success of over 90%. Her name is Virginia Faur; she is an herbalist with a PHD in Biochemistry. She has a clinic and laboratory for natural products and herbs. She recommended me to stop immediately to use meat, sugar, milk, vinegar, coffee, alcohol. He asked me to go and buy some herbs as Calendula and Comfrey and start immediately to take them. I remember telling him: "don't you understand that I have cancer? You want me to belief that I will cure my cancer with herbs? You should take herbs, no me." He insisted in a very sweet voice: "please, take them, too, besides the chemotherapy. Dr. V. Faur said that you can go with both treatments". He said that he will send me a package with the treatment ASAP.
      Having the tests done took me about one month, time that makes my tumor to grow to 15x18 centimeters. I had another mammogram that also didn't show anything. I had a scintillogram, same result. I had two more biopsies that concluded my cancer: stage 3A, spread in the lymph nodes. I had my lamellas sent to another doctor for a fourth opinion. It was definitely cancer. Everybody seemed to move very slowly. I didn't have the strength to fight with anybody. I just accepted.
      I started my diet from the very moment my brother told me. It was not easy because I was a meat eater. I stopped to drink coffee right away; even it was not that easy. I had to decide between life and death. I've chosen the life.
      I started to read. I received a lot of books from my friends about breast cancer. I found out that the statistics of survival, in my case, with the dimension of my tumor ware very pour: 36% to live 5 more years. That made me cry. So I had an idea how much I had left. I was very unhappy to know my big projects will never be finished. No more time for such of projects.
      Finally I started the chemo, the doctor decided not to have bone marrow transplant. The treatment was for three months prior to the surgery and after that three more months. I have been through all the stages of loosing my hair, loosing about 40 lb. I was very sick from the chemo. I had friends that took me to the hospital for treatment.
      A friend of mine came with a book called "The cure for all cancers" by Hilda Clark. He said that his mother in law is on alternative treatment for cancer and she is doing very well. I read it in 24 hours. That book gave me the wings of hope. I started to make the changes right away. It was very radical. No chemicals at all, no fillings in the mouth, no alcohol, even any shampoo that has to be replaced with backing soda. She recommended some herbs that I started to take right away That book was for me like a leaf of escape on the surface of the ocean in which I was almost to drown. I visualized myself cured within one week. I couldn't wait to go back to the doctor to be told that my cancer was gone. It didn't happen but I didn't loose my hope. I knew that will happen soon.
      I started to study alternative ways in treating cancer. The more I read, the more hopes I got. I understood the biology of cancer better than ever. My background in science, particularly in biology, helped me with that. Now, it was my problem and I had to solve it.
      Finally my package with the treatment from Romania arrived after almost two months in the mail. I started the treatment along with the chemo. They were herbs, powders and an enzymatic liquid in the package with the prescription. I had to drink a lot of fresh juice from carrots, beets, dandelion etc. I alternated my diet with macrobiotic diet. I had to take special baths, steam baths and Scottish showers. I had to wrap myself in clay. But where I should find healing clay? I went on construction field and I filled up my trunk with red clay. I had to prepare and drink about seven different kinds of herb tea. The procedure required a lot of effort but I did everything according to the prescription.
      I also went to a doctor that gave me a treatment with ultraviolet light. He took some of my blood, he passed it in front of an ultraviolet lamp and he introduced it back into my vein. He gave me a few books to read about these procedures that ware used after the first world war with big success. I read about the healing light. I started to have a permanent green light in my bedroom. The information about the colors and their power of healing captivated me. As a physicist I agreed with the theory and I started to practice, physically and mentally.
      I didn't respond to both, chemo and herbs but very little. The three months ware gone. The doctor told me that is the time for the surgery. I told him that I decided not to go for the surgery. Dr Virginia Faur told me that I don't need surgery if I follow her treatment. I want to give it a try. It was the most difficult decision that I have to take in entire my life. How about if I will die? Dr. Scopetuollo told me on an imperative voice: Valerie, my professional opinion is Go for the surgery in no late the two weeks. You are too young for this". I told him my decision and I said that if I notice any change into the worst, I will go for surgery right away.
      In the mean time, my brother sent me an herb from Romania, called in Latin Hellebores. He told me that it was published in a Romanian health magazine about how this herb saved terminal patients with cancer. I took it on my own risk. It was a very toxic herb and I had to take progressively, with 10 days brakes, like chemotherapy.
      In two weeks I want back for a check up. The tumor shrank about .5 centimeters. The doctor said that is not conclusive. In another two weeks I went back for a check up. The tumor shrank another centimeter. He was surprised. He said: "wasn't it larger?" I said "yes". I was very happy. I was sure that is from hellebores ("spanz" in Romanian). In another two months the tumor became 4x3cm; my doctor was amazed. My energy came back, in spite of the fact I lost so much weight, I could walk even 10 hours in a day without getting tired. I started to feel even better than before my cancer.
      In September 99 I noticed that the tumor didn't shrink anymore. I started to worry. In short time I noticed that it started to grow again. I got panicked. I called Dr. Faur (who I never met) and she said that is normal. It shrinks, it grows, and so on until it hills. I don't know what made me to trust her so much. She was the only one that gave me the biggest hopes. She said again that surgery is not necessarily unless I want.
      Toward the end of 2000 I went for the first time to Ray. He pried for me and he pries for me since. I have been a few times to his house and I have seen his bedroom where a lot of unusual things are happening.
      I started to take some herbs from a doctor from Tibet, Dr. Dhonsen. He was on TV presenting some cases of hilling from advanced cancer. Going back to my oncologist, he said to go for the surgery now. I still didn't want. My primary doctor, Mircea, called my friends and asked them to convince me to go for surgery. Nobody could convince me. I was not stubborn but determined to prove to anyone that my alternative way was the solution. In January 2000 the tumor stopped growing again. I noticed a process of healing. I was very happy. Dr. Faur was right. She was talking in her books about crises of healing. In March 2000, at midnight I had a crises of excruciating pain in my left breast that hold for about 12 hours, the pain was extremely severe, the next day my entire breast became red like was sunburned. I was sure it was the healing crises. In a week I had another crises and I kept having … crises until November 2000. On December 2000 the breast hilled and for the first time all my markers dropped in normal range. It was amazing. The lymph nodes that were like walnuts got much smaller. My oncologist saw the amazing results and he couldn't belief it. He asked me what I did different in the last few months prior to that test and I remembered I did hypnosis three time a day. It was the only major different think that I did. I was celebrating my success and, with the winter holiday I started not to respect my diet as strictly as I used to. I started to have a taste of coffee, even a little red vine, and I stopped hypnoses. I thought it was over.
      In February 2001 I noticed some changes. The tumor started to grow again and I started to have again the painful crises. I noticed a swollen lymph node under my right armpit, this time. In March I went back to a check up. I told my doctor about my right lymph node and he checked me more careful. He asked me to go to see the surgeon. I went to the surgeon and she found a large tumor in the right breast. It was 7x6 cm. I got very upset. I stayed on only distilled water for ten days, with nothing to eat. I wanted my tumor to disappear ASAP. I started to take hellebores again. I didn't eat anything for one month but carrot juice, cabbage juice, dandelion juice. It was no improvement. The tumor on the right side grew like a baby. On the left I had those crises with eruptions on the skin. It was no time only for alternative experiments.
      I had a dream about being in a tall building. I wanted to take the elevator downstairs but my friends didn't let me go. I went in the elevator which 3was actually a platform in plain air that started to fall with an amazing scary speed. I was so scared, when I felt a hand holding my right shoulder. I felt safer and much better. When I got down, on the land, I stepped away from that platform and being safe, I turned my head to see who was the on that holed my shoulder in my fall. I screamed the name of Jesus: he was walking away, toward a green forest, and when I screamed out his name, he turned his face toward me and waved his hand and smiled. He was a skinny man, with long curly hair but his smile was incredible.
      I decided to go with both treatments this time, to continue with my alternative and to start the conventional treatment also. But this time I faced the problem much different that the first time. I put my mind to work for me and no against me. Going back to Dr. Scopetuollo, he said that he is not sure if my primary cancer spread from left side to right side or I have a new primary site. He also said that he has to think what treatment to give me because the first time I didn't respond to the strongest treatment. I told him: "Dr. Scopetuollo, this time, no matter what treatment you will give me, I will respond because this time I will put my mind to work for me". But he was skeptical and he told me that he cannot promise me anything. Deep in my heart I knew he was wrong. The first time, back in 99, I accepted to have chemo but I was not convinced it will help me. I was told and I read in alternative medicine that the chemo is the worst thing because it destroys the immune system.
      I started chemo for the second time; he gave me taxol this time, in only one week the left side healed very beautiful and the crises stopped. The right side, which became 10x10 cm until I started the chemo, shrank about two cm. I started hypnotherapy, three times a day, giving my subconscient mind instructions to heal my body, programming my mind that by the date of surgery the cancer will leave my body. My tests came better and better. If back in 99 my white blood cells ware very low, under limit, so they had to put me under special medication, this time it was better then ever. This time, instead to lose weight like the first time, I started to gain weight. I gained about 25 lb. I responded extremely well to chemo, in spite of my doctor expectation.
      I went back to the surgeon who wanted me to have a full cycle of radiation and after that he will let me know if he can operate on me or not.
      I had the radiation therapy and the doctor told me that I responded better then any other patient that she ever had.
      I went back to Dr. Cammarata, my surgeon, he said that I responded very well to the treatment and he can operate on me. I decided to have my surgery on 20th of December 2001. My oncologist asked me why I don't wait after the holidays and I answered that "I am sure God will give me a miracle before Christmas" He smiled to me in disbelieve. I think he liked my attitude. He has seen me as a fighter. I remember telling him that I will celebrate my 100th birthday with him and he smiled.
      The big day arrived. Radical bilateral mastectomy. It was very hard, my body was very week from chemo and radiation, my recovery was very difficult, with a lot of complications. I developed intolerance to the blood transfusion that gave me very high temperature, 105 F. I developed addiction to the pain killers until I didn't remember even my own name and I hallucinated. Ray called me to the hospital and he pried for me. I had the rosary beads with me in the hospital. All my friends were preying for me.
      But the best ever news came in about two weeks from surgery when my doctor came to me and told me that my pathology report came negative. He also said that when he saw me sixth months ago he couldn't belief that I will make it by that day. He said that my pathology report was done by three different doctors because it was hard to belief. From stage 3A and 3 B, with two tumors as grapefruit size, three years on my own, with herbs and diet, no one could expect such of spectacular results. I was so happy, I forgot all my suffering, all my pain, all my tears, and I gave a big hug to my doctor. The Sun shinned again for me. My recovery was very slow but I was so happy I didn't feel any pain anymore. I could start a new life; I could start to make plans for my future.
      Going back to my oncologist, he wanted me to go back on chemo. I asked him why? As long as I don't have any cancer, why I should take chemo, which is such of strong treatment with so bad side effects. I asked him that I can trust my pathology report and he said yes. He also said that he can't say for sure if I will benefit from chemo in long term, because is no comparison with any other case; I am an extremely unique patient.
      Seven months later, I developed three tumors on my surgery area. The surgeon said that he has to take them out right away and is no time to full around taking a biopsy. He was positive about a recurrence. On September 2002 I had them removed. The pathology report came negative this time, too. So, it was not cancer. Three extra scars on my skin remind me that they all were benign and I should have done a biopsy, as I wanted, prior to the surgery. The doctor told me that"It is definitely something with you!"
      Since December 2001 I am a cancer free, my doctors consider me as an extremely unique case. I am a very happy person and I know to appreciate every single second of my life as something extremely precious. Unfortunately most of us don't know to appreciate the wonderful gift of life until we loose our health or we lose someone that we love. After that, sometimes it might be too late.
      In December 2003 I had my reconstructive surgery, with abdominal flaps. It was a difficult surgery but much easier then the first one. Even this time I was told that I have a 50/50 chance for a second surgery because my skin was irradiated, it might be necessary for implants. It was not the case the surgery came 100% success. I refused any pain killers after surgery, all the medical personal that knew that ware very impressed. It was no pain. I am very happy about the results. I am a new person, everybody who knew me from before, tells me that I look much better now than before. My natural treatment changed my entire appearance. My skin looks much better than before, even younger; I had spider veins on my legs that disappeared like I never had them. I have much more energy than before.
      The combination of conventional medicine with alternative medicine was the key in my success. But above all, it was my mental attitude, my decision to choose LIFE against DEATH with what ever it took to accomplish my goals. I took control over my own body through the power of my mind; I never let anybody to make decisions for me. I was always in control. I used the results of my own research as my best tools in healing my body. My determination changes my odds. So I changed that 36% in no just 90% but in 100% chance of surviving. When is a will it is a way. I always asked to have copies of my medical reports; I used them to compare, to watch my evolution. I remember seeing my markers going high "into the sky". So, what? They will drop again; I will make them to come down. And I did. I never relied 100% on doctors, I relied 100% on myself. I used my doctors as my tools for my healing process and never let my doctors to use me as an experiment. I was my own experiment. I was the project of my life. Even when my tests came so bad, I never gave up, I found resources to make the best out of the worst situation, to fight, to find and implement new ways in my treatment. I was the one that I've shown support to those in need, even they had to face minor problems. I remember I took a friend to my doctor, when I was in chemo, I told my doctor that I brought her because she needs some support. She had pain in her hands. The doctor smiled to me and asked me: "You give her support?" Even when I was on chemo, I found the strengths to help those in need and despair. Even when I was in crises of excruciating pain, I found some strength to showing support and understanding to someone that needed. I never stopped working, as much as I could. I rested as much as I could also. I knew that my body heals while I was sleeping. Nobody could tell I was sick, I had to support myself and I did it. I wore my wigs with dignity, knowing that my hair would grow more beautiful after. Indeed, my hair came curly and I was very happy. It looks much better; it shines and is much healthier.
      I never stopped prying and also prying for others. God became very close to my heart.
      I am still watching what I eat, I am mostly vegetarian, and I eat fish. I exercise, I do yoga, meditation, I walk almost every day at least half hour.
      I take every day supplements: Vitamin E, Spirulina Pacifica, Selenium, Fish oil, Green tea extract, Calcium, Vitamin C, Royal jelly, Bee pollen, Propolis.

      Reference list

      1. Dr. Cornel Mircea, Primary physician
      123 Highland Ave, suite 104
      Glen Ridge NJ
      Tel: 973-680-5522

      2. Dr. Michael Scopetuollo, Oncologist
      Saint Barnabas Medical Center
      Livingston NJ 07039
      Tel: 973-322-2409

      3. Dr. Angelo Cammarata, Chief of breast service Breast surgeon
      Cabriny Medical Center
      55 E 87 Street NY NY 10128
      Tel: 212-427-2131

      4. Dr. Scott A. Spiro , Plastic surgeon
      Saint Barnabas medical Center
      101 Old Short Hills Rd
      West Orange NJ 07052
      Tel: 9763-736-5907

      5. Dr. Virginia Faur, herbalist specialist
      Strada CD Iorga Nr. 36
      Lugoj, Jud. Timis
      Tel. 056-312-891

      6. Miranda Ryan, M in Psychology, Hypnotherapist
      Jersey City NJ
      Tel: 201-239-0561

    Wayne Fisler's Story

      Wayne Fisler's Story

      Dear Greg,
      In response to your email, I just wanted to document our family's experience with Ray, the healing oil and the rosary. Wayne was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer in February and had surgery in April of 2003. On June 13, our friends Andy and Mary Bott brought us to a Friday Night Rosary because the doctors were telling us that the cancer was still there. What a powerful feeling of healing we had from saying the rosary with our friends and our new friends, Ray, Debbie and Deeni! A feeling of peace and healing that we never could have imagined, just from praying the rosary and afterwards, speaking with Ray.

      We use the oil and have had many amazing healings, once when Wayne had a fever, after anointing his forehead with the oil, the fever literally jumped out of his body! It has been a year since Wayne was diagnosed, and he has had a trial of hormonal therapy and chemotherapy, all the while we've been praying with Ray, praying the rosary and using the oil. The doctors and nurses were always so pleased at how well Wayne tolerated the chemo. Now we have some great news, Wayne's tests show his PSA (cancer marker) is undetectable! We continue to pray the rosary and use the oil. We praise Jesus, Our Blessed Mother and St. Anne. We pray to St. Anthony and St. Jude too! Ray and the Rosary and the healing oil have brought us closer to our faith and the saints. I know that Ray, the rosary, prayer and the oil is the reason Wayne and our whole family is doing so well.

      Peace, love and Prayers,
      Diane and Wayne Fisler

    Julie Gannon's Testimonial #1

      Julie Gannon's Testimonial #1

      Here is one of three testimonials, feel free to shorten it if need be:

      My very close friend, Sean, and I attended the First Friday Rosary in August 2001. I was very excited as this was Sean's first time going and he had heard so much about it from me and my family. I remember it being a mild night and the Rosary being held at a nursing home. My friend was overwhelmed with all of the people there (both sick and well) and the positive energy he was feeling from the people in the room. I introduced him to Deeni after the rosary and we took digital pictures of the front and back of the icon and left with cotton ball samples of the oil. We then headed back to the car towards the subway as we were slated to go to a house party in Brooklyn. We discussed how great and uplifted we both felt from the Rosary experience and how fortunate we are to have our gift of health.

      When we arrived at the party, I was thrilled to see some old high school acquaintances. It was a small gathering of friends, about 15 people total. My friend and I were so elated with the icon and rosary, we began telling the story to everyone there. The response was positive. One girl's mother had just returned from a trip to Medjugoria and she was very interested in what we were saying and showing on the digital camera.

      Shortly after, I noticed a girl sitting alone on the couch that looked oddly familiar to me. I asked her where she was from and after a few words exchanged, the memory of her from a third grade birthday party began to creep back into my mind. Could this be the same red headed Katie that was my partner at Jen's scavenger hunt birthday party? Sure enough, she was. So we began talking. I noticed she had a slight slur (which at first I thought might be alcohol induced), but turns out she wasn't drinking. Then when she went to excuse herself to the ladies room, it became clear what was going on. She went to stand up from sitting and needed assistance from her cousin to walk to the bathroom. She was obviously handicapped. A wave of sheer shock came over me. She is so young? She was on the basketball team when I last saw her! I quietly asked her other cousin what was the cause of her handicap.

      I found out she had MS. Instantly I thought of my cousin, Cathy, who is wheelchair bound and thought, "Oh no way can Katie wind up like that." I kept my reactions to myself. As the night progressed, my friend and I started to feel a very negative energy at the party. It seemed no one was paying any attention at all to Katie, not even a "Hi, how are you." I found Sean out on the roof getting some fresh air and we both agreed it was time to leave. Sean and I decided we were going to take the subway back to the car in Jersey City and drive. Well, it turned out, Katie didn't want to stay too much longer at the party either. She was supposed to be getting a ride somewhere from someone, but it seemed like a burden on anyone there to take her where she needed to go. We were so glad to offer her a ride and get her out of there. Off we went in the cab to the subway.

      We waited on the World Trade platform for what seemed life an eternity. Sean kept commenting on how much he wanted to avoid waiting at that particular stop because it gave him the creeps. I then remember being on the train with her and she was telling us about her fabulous husband and wedding. I thought, how cool is that! What's even better is she happened to have a few pocket photo albums of her wedding day in her bag, so we spent the ride looking at the pages while she narrated the day's events. Sean and I could see such pride in her face and love in her speech for her husband and family. It was almost as if she wasn't slurring at all. It was really nice to catch up on the past 15 years at that moment. Then she asked me and odd question.

      "I heard you talking about that weeping icon tonight at the party. Do you think I can have some of that oil for myself?" Being the overenthusiastic that I am, I practically stuffed the cotton balls from the Rosary in her pocket. Sean and I began to give her the paraphrased version of the evening's events and how significant the icon, Ray and the Skop Rosary were in my life since that past year. I mentioned to pray to Mary and use the oil on her legs. She seemed very into it and also very thankful. We arrived back at the Jersey Shore safe. Sean and I talked about how great it was to spend some quality time with her and we wondered when we'd see her again.

      A few months later, I was at a local bar ordering and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and to my surprise, it was Katie! She looked great and seemed to be having a fabulous time with her friends. She said she just wanted to walk over and let me know that she had been using the oil we gave her and that it really seemed to be helping her condition. She said it made her feel so much better. She thanked me again. I thought, "Wow! What are the chances of running into her and hearing her say those words?" I called Sean the next day and told him. We were psyched for her.

      Needless to say I haven't seen Katie since then, nor has Sean. But I think of her often and pray that her MS improves. I also thank all of Heaven for giving me the opportunity to pass her the prayers and oil. God certainly works in mysterious ways.

      PS: That subway ride was the last time Sean and I were in the World Trade Center before 911.

      God Bless,

      Julie Gannon

    Anna Beltrani's Story

      Anna Beltrani's Story

      Dearest Deeni,

      I had to undergo cataract surgery in January and here's an account of my miracle.

      The doctor who had to gave me clearance for the surgery told me that because of my erratic glucose levels (I an a brittle diabetic) they would not give me clearance for surgery but because cataract surgery is the least invasive. they would grant approval but if I needed other surgery (which I do -- I need foot surgery) , they would not give me clearance.

      Ray prayed with me the evening before the surgery and said that all would go well.

      I have to keep data sheets of my glucose levels. I have included data sheets for the week of the surgery, week prior to the surgery and a week after the surgery. You can see my erratic levels. However, the morning of the surgery (I have highlighted my levels), they were never so low -- the norm is from 70 to 120 and my levels were well within the norm. The nurse who did all the scheduling commented that the surgery might not be successful if my glucose levels were high during the surgery. The surgery was for 8:30 A.M. and my levels were perfect for the time of the surgery. I credit Ray Skop for this miracle because of his closeness to the Blessed Mother. May God Shower His blessings on this beautiful, incredible man who has entered our lives. He has touched so very many lives and we have been privy to many of his miracles. He selflessly gives and gives of himself.

      My surgery was successful and I now have 20/20 vision at age 73! Ray, thank you, thank you -- Miracle Worker!

      Deeni, if there are any changes you wish to make, please do so. Also, my thanks to you and Debbie for supporting Ray in his mission. Blessings to all of you.

      Much love,
      Anna Bletrani

    Anthony Andreala's Story

      Anthony Andreala's Story

      Dear Diana,
      I'd like to say thank-you for all the prayers for my husband, Anthony Andreala. His recent CT Scan showed no evidence of disease.

      Thank You
      Dolores Andreala

    Vicky Green's Story

      Vicky Green's Story

      Testimony of the Holy Oil from a painting of the Blessed Mother and St. Anna.

      Dear Anna Beltrani,

      Thank you for sharing the holy oil with me. My mother has had cancer for two years. At the time that I received the holy oil my family and I had given up on her recovery. Her cancer had taken a turn for the worse. We put the holy oil on her and prayed. Since then her tumors have shrunk, she has an appetite and feels better. The doctors are very pleased. They told my father, "She is holding her own." My family cannot express their thanks enough to you!


      Vicky Green

      Anna Beltrani had sent the holy oil to Vicky Green who resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

      I had also sent the holy oil to a friend, Rosmary Armstrong who resides in Sandston, Virgina. She has written to me that a grandchild who does not speak has said his first sentence after an application of the holy oil! Also, her husband suffered a heart attack when they went on a cruise recently and he also has done well since the application of the holy oil.

    Liam Gandy's Story

      Liam Gandy's Story

      Hi Debbie,

      This is the little miracle baby I told you about -

      Liam was born on December 30, 2003. A battery of tests showed his stomach and esophagus were not connected, I prayed with your prayer group in October. Each sonogram after that rosary - Liam's condition got a little better. When he was born in December - it was a miracle - he was healthy.

      Today January 30, 2004 Liam was admitted to the hospital. He has not been able to maintain his weight. The doctors are not able to diagnose the problem. Please pray that the doctors will be able to help Liam.

      Little Liam (3 months old) just weighed in at 10 pounds - we are delighted. Liam's continues to struggle (his face is paralized on one side effecting his swallowing reflex) - he is having a tube surgically inserted into his stomach this month. We continue to pray for Liam's health.

      Thank you, Cathy Colford