The Ray of Hope foundation was started by Ray Skop, a lifelong resident of Jersey City. Ray was blessed with the gift of healing through prayer. In October of 1998, a painting of Mary and Saint Anne (which Ray retrieved from someone's trash many years before) suddenly began to weep Holy Oil. On Good Friday of 1999, Ray received the stigmata for the first time. At times, the stigmata was painful, yet Ray accepted this gift with love. The stigmata continued for the rest of his life. Eventually Ray began to receive visits from our Blessed Mother. Many people from around the world, and all walks of life, including clergy and politicians, called Ray to ask for prayers. Those, along with the many who came to him, received special blessings. Ray always wanted to help those in need and always made time for a prayer. The Holy Oil was mailed worldwide to anyone who requested it -- many of which received miracles. Ray was the first to tell you he was not perfect and was sometimes referred to as the Holy Man with a twist.
Because of this extraordinary gift Ray began monthly rosaries. As time went on, with more people participating, Ray increased the rosaries to twice a week. The rosary house in Jersey City became known to many as a place of peace and healing. Many paintings and other religious artifacts have wept Holy Oil at the Rosary House. Ray's stigmata has been documented in photos for the last 12 years. Everyone is welcome to come to visit the house and view these statues, paintings and photographs.
The Ray of Hope Foundation - a nonprofit organization based in Jersey City, was established by Ray in 2000. The Foundation's main goal is to help children in need whether it be spiritual or sometimes just their final wish. Over the years the Foundation has donated to many charities: Every Christmas season toys are distributed to underprivileged families, as well as, hospitals, shelters, transition homes, churches, special needs schools, and visits to the elderly in nursing homes are made. At times, the Foundation has also helped families by contributing money towards tuition for their child's education and purchased badly needed supplies for inner city schools. Often the Ray of Hope helps families get needed, unaffordable medicine. We have also helped local sport teams purchase uniforms to enable children and young adults learn how to be part of a team. Most recently, the Ray of Hope Foundation donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy who lost everything along with essential items to local shelters.
Ray Skop passed away July 3rd, 2012. We are maintaining his mission by spreading the word of Mary, Jesus and St Anne by reciting the rosary and helping those in need. The Ray of Hope Foundation continues to grow by doing what Jesus did...-..Loving your neighbor as yourself.
The rosaries continue at the Rosary House every first Friday and third Wednesday of each month - located at 9 Hawthorne Ave., Jersey City, NJ. All rosaries begin at 7:30 pm. Please come and pray with us.

God Bless You
Deeni Saltarelli
Debbie Scherman