The Ray of Hope Foundation donated many toys to needy families in the Jersey City area. Some places were the Hope House, The York Street project, The Beth Miriam House, Sandy victims, Toms River Home for Runaways, Church by the Side of the Street. Many of these toys were brought to the Ray of Hope Foundation through the generosity of Jersey City PSE&G employees and the Schermans.

Girl Scouts of Mount Olive donated to us for "Empower Women Month", we in turn gave to 
the Beth Miriam Home for women.
The Ray of Hope Foundation donated to  Saint Baldricks, an organization looking to cure childhood cancer.

Here are two pictures from Christmas when Deeni was at the York Street Project in Jersey City.


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Below are pictures that continue to exude oil through the miracle of the Rosary at the Ray of Hope Foundation's Rosary House.

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The Faithful on Ash Wednesday February 13th, 2013

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Now available; a new book by Anne Duhaime about Ray and his Miracles. "Miracles & Happenings In Jersey City"

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Miracles and Happenings is on sale for $10.00 at the Rosary House or send Money to:
Anne DuHaime
23 Hester Street,
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403
A special thank you to the Scherman family, without whose help this book may not have been published.