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    This is unheard of after being on dialysis for so long
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    Rebecca's Back has been Straight
    Sophia Rose is Doing OK
    Tom's Tumor was Completely Dead
    Canada - Miracle
    Ray your prayers for my daughter to conceive a baby was a success, they're having their 3rd.
    The outcome of my case has been positive all around
    My surgeon was able to remove all of my tumor
    This is my testimony
    Autumn is doing so great!
    She Talks About This To Everyone
    Asked for Our Lady's Guidance
    Rainbow Dreams
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    Diane Sweeney of California
    Testimonial #2: One for the Books
    3 Miraculous Pictures from Our Lady of Guadalupe

      I was blessed to be guardian of Our Lady for 19 days. It was a beautiful time with many different people gathering together in honor and reverence of our Blessed Mother. Our Lady went to 21 different gatherings. I am praying many will receive blessings, miracles, and graces from these gatherings. I believe we received 3 miraculous pictures, possibly more that I haven't heard about. Also 2 healings so far that I know about, And so many were blessed to hear the baby Jesus' heartbeat and feel the baby kicking in the womb! Others felt heat by the baby fetus. I also felt something like an electrical shock one time while praying and placing my hand on the womb of Mary. We also had 1 addicted young man on his knees sobbing in front of the image asking for help from Our Lady. Another man with a brain tumor was crying and lying on the floor overwhelmed with emotions. I was blessed to see the miracle of the spinning sun! So exciting since I never saw it before. Also 2 other women, 1 holding prayers in her home all day(Ruth Lashevicki) and another trying to overcome a personal difficulty witnessed the spinning of the sun and then a huge cross appeared in the clouds. They were amazed! Dawn Marzella, who holds rosaries weekly in her home was blessed to have her entire rosary room smelling like incense after her rosary on April 2nd. On Good Friday we brought Our Lady for her first large rosary at our rosary house in Jersey City. About 50 people were gathered there. Two women were blessed with miraculous pictures from their cameras. I will send them to you in the next email with all the locations and their names. One was the baby fetus lighting up in the Blessed Mother's womb. Another took a picture and a cross appeared on Our Lady's shoulder. Also a cloud of smoke appeared over her head and face. If you hold the picture sideways it looks like Jesus' face in the smoke! I was taking pictures on Divine Mercey Sunday, April 3rd, at the Stella Maris Chapel in Newark, NJ. We brought Our Lady there for a mass, rosary, and Divine Mercy chaplet. I was taking a few pictures during the rosary. I noticed in my camera the right side of the image was lighting up. I took about 10 of them. But looking at the OLOG image it was not lit up at all. I was confused. Later after the rosary I showed people. They were amazed as it looked like a silhouette of the Blessed Mother praying sideways toward the alter. After we were done we were leaving and noticed the statue of the Stella Maris Mary outside and it looked like the silhouette lighting up in my camera! My mother, Anne DuHaime, was at the Good Friday rosary. On Tuesday she got in a bad accident and hit another car that flipped. Miraculously neither were hurt. My mom was getting headaches and went in for a CT scan on Friday, April 1st of her brain. The doctor saw a small brain hemorrhage. This is what my mom feared since she had no recollection of the accident. I got the call on the way to my next rosary at the rosary house on April 1st. My mom was going in for an MRI a couple hours later. We all prayed for her at the rosary. The next morning I was in the hospital with my mom. Her doctor told her she was fine and could go home. We asked, "what about the brain bleed?" He looked a little confused and told us it wasn't there. It somehow disappeared!! That was awesome!! Luckily my mom felt better because she had a beautiful rosary at her house on April 9th with many people, some who never prayed the rosary before. Many of our rosaries were blessed with new people learning to pray the rosary. Also on Tuesday, March 29th I was at a rosary at my church, Saint Mary's in Wharton, NJ. My friend Lu Olivo came very distraught about her husband. He has been battling bladder cancer recently and receiving chemotherapy. That day one of his kidney's shut down. Frank was going in for emergency surgery on Wednesday. The doctors were sure the cancer had spread to the kidney. He has his surgery but the doctors were amazed that it was something simple and there was no cancer in the kidney. Also the cancer Frank started with was not there anymore according to their biopsy! Lu is sure Our Lady of Guadalupe answered her prayers! There were hundreds of other people also praying to Jesus asking for the intercession of Our Lady. I am sure I will hear about more blessings as time goes on.

      Someone is standing to the left of the image. Not sure if hair or a cloud of smoke is over our Lady but you can clearly see the miraculous cross appearing on the Blessed Mother's shoulder! The picture was taken by Tina Ferrulli
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      The baby fetus of Our Lady of Guadalupe lit up. The miraculous picture has done this before! The picture was taken by Theresa Pellecchio.
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      Deeni Saltarelli noticed in her camera the right side of the image was lighting up. It looked like a silhouette of the Blessed Mother praying sideways toward the alter.
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    People Who Seem to Have Benifited

      Hi Deeni. Just to mention my people who seem to have benifited from the special prayers eminating from your rosary, or Ray's rosary. 1/ A 90 year old lady who feared her foot would be amputated from a bad infection that wouldn't heal. Well, I gave her the oil and Sam's book and had you all pray for her. Next time I went in to the nursing home she was one hundred per cent healed. 2/ My friend and odd job guy has a rare blood disease and had deteriorated to being in a wheel chair. It seemed he was going steadily down hill. I asked for prayers for him at the rosary and sent him oil etc. and the next I heard he had made a turn around and was home and doing well considering the severity of his disease. 3/ My husband's cousin Ken has parkinson's and cancer of the pancreas - they were praying that he would be able to go an a cruise with the whole family for his 80th birthday, I asked you to pray at the rosary for him and he made the cruise and seems to be stabilized at the moment with his many health issues. I just saw a great picture of him enjoying a big piece of birthday cake. So keep praying everyone, it seems these great things are still happening at the rosary house and through everyone's genuine prayers there. Blessings to all.
    Now Embrace Faith

      Hi Deeni -
      Thanks so much. I think you and Ray will appreciate this story: I have a nephew who is a freshman in college in California. He is being treated by a psychiatrist for OCD and anxiety. His roomate has severe medical problems, and his other friend is very depressed because he lost five friends within the last few years. None of these boys have been "believers" in anything spiritual - not believing in God, etc. Well, I spoke to them on the phone about the rosary, etc., and I told them about Ray. I mailed them each a package of the oil, and they have been praying, and REALLY improving in different areas of their lives. They each have now embraced a faith they didn't have, and now they each pray daily and often. They needed this faith and hope so much. Thank you from me and them. I give this oil to people who I tell about Ray and who need it.
      Thanks so much. Donna
    Ella is now Clear

      I have good news! Ella is now clear according to the last Pet Scan and MRI just taken. When I last wrote to you and Ray she was still carrying two small Tumors in her one lung and my daughter and son In law (Celine and Lyndon) were sure they were going to return to Sloan Kettering for lung surgery to get the rest. Today God has spared her of that and it is so evident He has been with her on this entire journey. I will never forget the expression on Ella’s face when I first put the oil on her forehead and chest and the calm I witnessed. I will always believe I witnessed a miracle before my eyes and today the doctors have told my daughter and son in law that Ella is the only child with this extent of this Cancer to have survived nationwide. What other explanation could there possibly be but the power of prayer has spared this little angel and you and Ray have shared very profoundly in this miracle and I can never express in any meaningful words to you of my gratitude.
      I will stay in touch
    Midnight the Cat

      Hi Debbie, again thank you and Deenie for your help with Midnight. I continue to put oil on her. It was amazing, she was not able to walk forward and we were thinking we would have to put her down the weekend we received the oil. Strangely enough, after we put the oil on she started walking much better and jumping on beds again. She is still with up, the tumor continues to grow so I am not sure how much more time we will have, but we are getting these extra weeks and she has quality of life. Thank you very much for helping out, I truly believe the oil gave us this extra time with her.

      Cynthia A. Bauer,

    This is unheard of after being on dialysis for so long

      Ray helped Vince through one bad episode once (when they found those gall bladder stones and they told us he would have drains and be ill for quite some time.? After they got in to remove them they had completely disappeared!)? Vince is also experiencing something else since seeing Ray.? He is a dialysis patient and his output of urine is increasing! This is unheard of after being on dialysis for so long!? Vince wanted me to notify you to let Ray know.?
      Thanks Deeni.
      I will continue to use the oil on the boys.

      Last night my cousin,Barbara Fisler and I called Ray about a friend of Barbara's, David Collins. He had been diagnosed with a serious case of bacterial pneumonia and was told he need an emergency operation. The doctors told the family that he might not make it, even with the operation, but would surely die without it.
      Ray said a beautiful prayer on the phone with Barbara and me. I gave Barbara the holy oil, and she had a friend bring it to the hospital for David.

      Well guess what? I called Barbara this evening to see how David was doing. She said she could barely believe it. She was JUST about to call me! David's doctors told him that amazingly his condition this MORNING was much improved!! He no longer needed the surgery! WOW, the power of prayer.

      Barbara says "Please tell Ray thank you for the prayers and the oil."

      Diane Fisler


      I invited a new neighbor, Jean, to a Rosary recital I held at my condo. We were a small group of five women and after we prayed the Rosaries and read the Scriptures, we enjoyed some coffee and dessert.

      During the course of our conversations, Jean showed me her hands. All ten fingers of both hands were covered with warts. She would tape band-aids around them to hide them. Jean told me that she had these warts for several years. During the course of that time, she visited approximately four doctors and none of them were able to rid her of those ugly annoying warts. She felt very discouraged and admitted that some of her friends didn't wish to shake hands with her. There were approximately two hundred warts surrounding all her fingers and a few on her palms!

      I gave Jean a packet of Our Blessed Mother and St. Ann's miraculous oil and told her to apply the oil daily and to pray while using the oil. I told her to fill her mind with the light of God's love while praying. She followed my instructions.

      A little over a month had passed when I called upon her to see how she was doing. She greeted me at the door with a huge smile and proudly opened her hands to show me that the warts had disappeared! Her hands were free of those pesky warts and they were now very normal. She was exceedingly thankful for Ray's miraculous oil and to this day, each time I run into her and her husband, she shows me her hands. She is very appreciative of the miracle she received through Our Blessed Mother and St. Ann.

      This is a true example of what faith can do with our lives in satisfying our needs. Although Jean's condition was not life threatening, she longed to be rid of the warts that doctors were unable to successfully treat.

      She used the miraculous oil daily and she prayed focusing on the love and power of God through Jesus and Mary.

      Thank you for this opportunity.

      Your companion in prayer, Mary

    Happy and On the Road to Recovery

      Hello Deeni..

      . I just wanted to send a quick note to you, Ray and of course Debbie for the prayers that you all said for Nicholas...Whether Nicholas has an organic reason for his problems that your prayers helped heal or the strength given to Kathy and I to toughen up and give Nicholas tough love when it was needed does not matter...What does matter is that we have our son back smiling, happy and on the road to recovery...There is no doubt your prayers and support were a huge reason for his turnaround...

      Following our visit in February, Nicholas spent 11 days at Columbia followed by an additional 19 days in an in-house physical rehabilitation facility...He has gone from a 9 year old boy in a wheelchair with crippling pain, back into his normal self...He is running around, playing baseball with his friends and doing just about everything he was prior to his problems...Its an unbelievable turnaround from the child you all saw only 3 1/2 months ago...Last weekend I sat in the cheap seats high above Yankee stadium (I think God was sitting in the row behind us...That's how high we sit) with Nicholas sitting next to me with tears in my eyes...We were doing something we both loved doing together...Something I thought would never happen again...

      While Nicholas is doing better, he still have alot of grueling rehab to go...He still has weakness in his upper body and of course weakness in his left leg...The pain is not totally gone, but its much better and he is off all but one medication...We are cautiously optimistic that he will continue moving in the right direction towards a full recovery...

      Again, thanks so much to everyone for your prayers...

      Bill Hesselbirg

    Still in Shock

      Hi Deeni,

      I don't know where to begin with this email! If you remember, last week I came to visit you and Ray with my son Nathan along with a few others, Helene the nurse, Rebecca, Diane, Kate, my mother in-law and my nurse Julie (who had to leave the room!) Rays' comments on that were the best!

      This past Monday, Helene and I decided to leave Nathan off his ventilator for a few minutes to see how long he'd be able to breathe on his own. The expectation based on past experience was maybe 2-3 min.. He breathed on his own for 7 hours total throughout the whole day!!!!! I'm still speechless as I type this email. My little boy as been on a ventilator 24/7 for a year with no hopes of ever breathing on his own. Since he's been diagnosed, he's only been regressing. His prognosis is very poor. Even Nathans' doctors can't seem to give a medical explanation other than "he must just be getting stronger."

      After visiting Ray and with what happened this week, I'm for the first time hopeful that he might have a fighting chance against this horrific disease.

      This has truly been a miracle for Nathan and our family. Please thank Ray for seeing us. I'm forever grateful!

      Still in shock!
      Stephanie Morath

    Rebecca's Back has been Straight

      You told us to watch for signs and we have some good news I think. Ever since Wednesday, the day after our visit, Rebecca's back has been straight and her hips are even. She had a curvature of the back that appears to be gone and her hips were uneven because of the scoleosis. Maybe her back will soon get strong and she will be able to hold herself up. It seems as though God is already answering our prayers. Also, my mother had a lift chair and when she died we moved it to my apartment, then this past March when I moved my friend bought the chair for her father and it was moved from my apartment. Once my friend had it, she said she moved it many times - closer to the bed, farther from the bed, etc. Well, on Saturday when she moved the chair, a Blessed Mother medal fell out together with a crucifix from a rosary. She said they did not belong to her or her family so they must be my mother's, although I didn't recognize it. I think that was a sign. We are praying so hard. Dianne said she can't think of anything else.

      One of my daughters who doesn't go to church says the rosary every night now with her children and the kids want to go to church. A lot of good things are happening. Some people are coming back to God. Please keep praying for Rebecca and thank you so much for listening and for being there for us. God Bless You and Ray.

      Ray told Dianne to call him this week. Thursday is Rebecca's 5th birthday and Dianne was thinking of calling him that day on his cell and having a prayer with the phone to Rebecca's ear. Do you think that's ok?

      Have a wonderful day Deeni.

    Sophia Rose is Doing OK

      By the way, Ray prayed for a baby Sophia Rose that I knew. I have seen photos...she's plump, happy, healthy, and no scars. They healed immediately.
      Her grandmother keeps emailing me and thanking me for this miracle.

      So please let him know for me!!


      Hi Jen, Hope Sophia Rose is doing OK. I called deeni and she called Ray for a prayer. Deeni's computer is down right now and debbie said she hadn't seen one from you.Did you get their address from the website? I sent one recently to debbie over there and it came back so I guess she's changed her address over the past year or so. Have a great Christmas and if you want Ray to pray with Sphia's family don't hesitate to cal Deeni at 551-655-4109. Love, Mrs. D.


      Thanks so much for doing that. I did use the "master" e-mail address from the website that sends the e-mail to Deenie, Greg, and Debbie, and I did hear back from Debbie. So must have worked. Thanks for letting Deenie know, also.

      We haven't heard anything today, but I'm also sure it was a very stressful day for the family. I thank you for contacting Deenie, and I'll keep you posted.

      PS....I wrote to Deenie and Debbie back in late August and told them about a very similar situation with a newborn boy, Sean Fuss, the grandson of my coworker. He is doing just fine--and successfully made it through the worst of times. He is gaining weight, and the family is very optimistic.

      Sometimes it's amazing that as we fret over little things, major things can happen in the blink of an eye. I am glad to have met Ray and to have had the experience of meeting numerous who could attest to positive healings, such as Sammy's. Deenie is doing an unbelievable thing for other people. I can't believe how strong she is. I think about her, and pray that she takes the time out for her own joy, not to get too bogged down with other people's stories.

      Sometimes I feel bad about contacting them for this reason, but hopefully it is a sign of support to them. My father seemed to find consolation there! The whole entire thing is unexplainable, but wonderful at the same time.


      Hi Jen,
      Sorry,my aol was down. I hope Sophia is doing okay. We'll keep her in our prayers. Happy New Year! God Bless You Deeni


      Happy New Year to you, too!
      Debbie contacted me and added the baby to the prayer list. Thank you!
      She's doing great--made a miraculous recovery.

    Tom's Tumor was Completely Dead

      HI Ann,

      I just wanted to let you know that the pathology came back on Tom's tumor. It was completely dead when they removed it from his leg. God has truly blessed us. He will need two more in hospital chemotherapy's one in Sept. and then October.

      Would you please just let Ray know what is happening. I will be in touch with him soon. I took Tom to Florida to see my Mom & Pop. The Dr. said a pool would be good for him to exercise the leg. I will be home on Tuesday.

        September 9, 2006

      It's February and Tom has been complaining he just doesn't feel good. He goes to the Doctor because he has had a problem with depression since he had a stroke a few years back. The medication is prescribed for that and we make an appointment for a physical in April.

      Around March a swelling started on the inside of his left knee. It's uncomfortable, being he has the appointment with the Doctor already I remind him to have the Doctor look at for him.

      The blood work for the physical comes back everything is fine, the Doctor says he is fine but he doesn't know why he knee is swollen. So Tom goes for an x-ray. This is where all the Devine intervention starts. Normally the chiropractic office his niece and husband operate is closed on Saturday, but the day tom stop there to ask for an x-ray Glenn is there doing some odd jobs around the office. He stops what it is he is doing and goes in to take the x-ray.

      He looks at ands says something is wrong, but I am not a Dr. and I will have this x-ray read and get back to you. Within a day Christine Tom's niece who is a chiropractor and a medical student calls Tom at work for him to come home right now he needs to have an MRI. Of course Tom protested saying he was working, but he realized something must be very wrong because of her persistence.

      The MRI is done and confirmation of some kind of cancer is diagnosed. Originally everyone said that Tom would probably loose his leg. As you can imagine we are blind sided with this news and can't think straight. But by luck or Devine fate Christine is the medical student and a chiropractor she arranged for the subsequent test to be done within the next few days. I was so upset it would have taken me weeks to get all these appointments arranged. Plus with all the contacts from having been in the business and school the test result where given back the same day.

      For the last few years with the depression and anxiety Tom was suffering had a negative effect on me. I was searching for a coping mechanism which I found in Yoga and meditation. Most people don't understand that meditation is not something unusual it's listening. Praying is talking to God and meditation is listening. While I was mediating I saw that tom wouldn't lose his leg. I saw a drawing of a bone replacement and a leg with no skin on it, just muscle. The foot was moving and the indication was the muscle would be the problem. In the next scene, I saw a foot poking up under the covers, the left foot was flopped over to one side. It was as though I was Tom and I was looking down at my own feet. I knew then tom would not loose his leg. There had always been a question as to if there could be a reconstruction or if it would be an amputation.

      One night had a short dream. It was very different; I saw my own hand holding a little pot with a paper lid. I open the lid and a voice said "holy oil". I remember thinking to myself oil? I though it was holy water, I never heard of holy oil. I am converted Catholic and may not have learned all there is to know.

      Women at the gym are a great support group very loving people. Ann Du haime and I have known each other for about 25 years. After our Pilates class Ann said "I heard Tom is not well what is going on?" So I explain the caner situation to her and she began to tell me about her granddaughter and about Ray's a painting of St Ann and the blessed Mother. When she told the painting weeps holy oil, I said Ann I had a dream about holy oil last night. I explained the short dream to her. She and I agreed this is a sign and we must get in touch with. Ann arranged a phone call with Deenie and Ray that night. Tom was going back to the hospital the next day for more chemotherapy. We prayed together on the phone that night. I visited the rosary house to pray with the group I took home holy oil and put it on Tom everyday and daily pray the rosary.

      Tom has had 2 chemotherapy sessions then a surgery to replace the tumor and bone including his knee. The morning of the surgery all the Doctor's come in to talk to you. I had a few questions for Dr. Wittig, he sits down next to and as we are talking he says look what I have and put this large metal cross in my hand. He said it was made by a patient with the metal from the world trade center. Having the concerns of the surgery on my mind I didn't realize what happened till a few days later. All of a sudden I remembered. Wow he handed me a cross! That was a sign from Above.

      After a six hour surgery the Dr. comes to me with a huge smile on his face. He told me tom did well and the surgery went well. About a 1\2 hour later the nurse comes to being me to the recovery room. The nursed assigned to him was at the bottom of the bed, all the monitors on one side of the bed. I went to the side that was clear for me to get near his head to talk to him As I was rubbing his face to comfort him and let him know I was there Tom asked me "Do I have two legs?" I was bent over him near his face when I lookup towards his feet and reassured he was whole, I saw exactly what I saw in the meditation, which explains why in the picture I saw in my mink , it looked like I was Tom.

      Finally the pathology report comes back. On Friday 08/18/2006 the oncologist comes and says, I guess you heard the good news? We said 'No". The Dr said the tumor was entirely dead! What more could you ask for. Tom still needs Chemotherapy 2 more times just to be sure more cancer cells are around. The treatment is very hard on his system but we have to go through with it.

      I pray the rosary daily and pray in gratitude for the blessing we have received. On my refrigerator are the words Ask, Trust, Believe, Let-go and Thank. When you say your prays know that they are heard.

    Canada - Miracle

      August 9, 2006

      Dear Ray and ROHF,

      I recently learned some very compelling news regarding the miraculous oil which I mailed to a friend in Canada.

      A few years ago, our friend's niece, Nancy, came from Canada to visit them, My friend explained to me that her niece's son, who was approximately 3 years old, had a growth on his leg. I encouraged her to bring him to my home so that I could give them some of Our Lady's miraculous oil and also to teach the young mother how to recite the healing prayer with her son.

      We were introduced to them when they arrived and after I explained to Nancy the unique powers of the miraculous oil, I applied the oil to the lump on her son's leg and placing my hands on the lump, I recited the healing prayer.

      The following day, Nancy phoned me to explain that the lump on her son's leg had diminished considerably (it shrunk to less than half its size) and as she thanked me I encouraged her to pray more often and to make a concerted effort in strengthening her faith.

      This past Christmas of 2005, I received a greeting card and a note from Nancy requesting more miraculous oil for her ailing father. I immediately mailed her a packet and included a letter again emphasizing the power of prayer.

      Her neighbor was diagnosed with lung cancer and was informed that she would require surgery. Nancy shared some of that oil with this neighbor and told her to pray and place her trust in Jesus and Mary. After all the required medical testing and confirmations, she was admitted into the hospital and scheduled for surgery. A few days passed but she was not given surgery. She inquired of her doctors as to why they were delaying her. After much hesitation the doctor informed her that her final test showed nothing, nada but they kept her in the hospital to observe her and insure that she was indeed free of cancer. Naturally she was elated beyond description and immediately checked herself out!

      The above results are just a few of the wonderful healing powers of Our Lady of Jersey City's miraculous oil. I have personally named her Our Lady of Jersey City and I hope this is acceptable to Ray.

      The healing prayer consists of two Hail Mary's and ten Our Father's. This healing prayer was given to me by a member of the Ray of Hope staff. Start by reciting one Hail Mary, then ten Our Father's and then conclude with the last Hail Mary. Apply some of the miraculous oil on the affected area and place your hands on that area while reciting the above healing prayer.

      Our world is in dire need of an increase in faith and prayer. Today, the divisiveness of the world problems is poised on the brink of madness and can stagger the imagination. We need to pray more fervently and to inspire our friends and family to pray for peace.

      Thank you for this opportunity.

      Your companion in prayer, Mary

    Ray your prayers for my daughter to conceive a baby was a success, they're having their 3rd.

      Hi Deeni:

      This is Carol McDonald.

      Please tell Ray that the conception he prayed for concerning my daughter and son-in-law, Alison and Scott, has blossomed into a beautiful 3 year old--very precocious, however, and a handful for Alison to manage. They now also have a 9 month old, Andrew, who is adorable and a very good baby. Now, would you believe, Alison is expecting their 3rd child the first of January 2007! She had postpartum depression after Sydney and was put on Effexor a month before the birth of Andrew and all went fine.

      Thank you.


    The outcome of my case has been positive all around

      Hello Ms Deeni,

      I thought my husband had written to Ray to thank him for his recommendation of Ron Dario. It seems he hasn't, and we are remiss. Please let Ray know that the outcome of my case in New Jersey has been positive all around. I have chosen to receive it as a learning lesson. However, I don't believe it would have been so had Ray and your group not included us in your prayer circles.

      So thank you once again. I hope that Mikio's contribution through Lisa Crescente was beneficial at the Thanksgiving Art Drive.

      I will continue to see if Mikio and I can get down there to a Friday evening Mass in the near future.

      Many Blessings to all of you,
      Gretchen Brown and Mikio Kennedy

    My surgeon was able to remove all of my tumor

      Dear Debbie and Ray,

      Hi my name is Ryan Walp and I visited you back in October. I wanted to thank both of you for praying with me and giving me confidence before I was going into surgery. I firmly believe that through praying with both of the you, my surgeon was able to remove all of my tumor. Now I am close to finishing my course of radiation and hopefully my problem will be solved. Thanks to both of you I pray the rosary every night and I have all my faith in God and in the Virgin Mary. I wanted to apologize for not contacting you earlier and I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Hopefully I can come visit the both of you very soon.



    This is my testimony

      Hi Deenie!

      I am emailing you my Testimony which is I know is long overdue.

      This is my testimony.

      My story begins on my birthday in September of 2002 when my best friend Debbie gave me Rosary Beads. She knew I was desperate as I had been suffering with a chronic pain condition for years but it had become unmanageable and I had become tolerant to my latest medication.
      Lou Manzo, who is my father's trusted friend and colleague had urged him to bring me to meet with Ray Skop in Jersey City. On the first Friday of October 2002 my father had to drive me to my first Rosary because I was in so much pain I couldn't drive myself. Ray prayed with me and insisted that I would overcome by faith what numerous doctors said I would have to live with for the rest of my life. The only thing Ray asked of me was that I would help Deenie and Debbie with the special needs children during the 2002 Christmas season and that I would pray the Rosary indefinitely. That evening changed my life forever. I would like to make it clear that I did not get better right away in fact at first I got even worse. I was hospitalized later that month and had a violent allergic reaction to the medication that was supposed to help me. My neurologist shook his head and said he didn't know what else to do. I had been on countless medications prior with serious and even disabling side effects. I had been to every kind of doctor and tried every imaginable treatment. I kept praying with Ray and Deenie and pushed myself to continue to volunteer. They were with me at my darkest moments and I am forever grateful for their prayers and support. The following months were my most challenging and I felt as though I was never going to get better but I tried not to lose my faith. Now I know that everything happens for a reason and looking back I now know that I was being tested. In the spring of 2002 I decided to completely surrender to God and walked out of my doctor's office with no idea what was going to happen to me other than the fact that I was not going to take pain medication anymore. I started taking vitamins and supplements to detoxify my body and gain back my strength. I started reading books about healing and the natural health industry. I started to pay more attention to signs I was being given and I started seeing miracles all around me even rainbows just like Deenie did. I never ceased to stop praying and I continued to volunteer. I suddenly realized I was also feeling better. It really humbled me and then I became inspired.
      On October 3,2003 one year to the day that I met Ray Skop at the first Friday Rosary I was at Shea Stadium in NYC with my brother attending a Bruce Springsteen concert. He kept checking on me to make sure I felt ok and asked if I needed aspirin or anything. The truth was I felt incredible! My body felt so light and I was completely pain free.
      Today I am brand new. My message is to never give up hope even if you don't feel better right away. I have learned so many lessons on my journey and I am only getting stronger. There have been less than a handful of times since my miracle occurred where I have experienced migraine pain and I believe that it comes to remind me how far I have come and just how loved and blessed I truly am. I forever thank Ray Skop, Deenie, Debbie, Lou Manzo and my father Bob who never gave up and never stopped fighting for his daughter. I surrender all to Jesus, Mary, Saint Anne and my heavenly Father and will remain hopeful and faithful all the days of my life.

    Autumn is doing so great!

      Hi Deeni,
      I'm glad you got the picture! Autumn is doing so great! I took her to the doctor 2 days ago and it appears that she has been completely healed of her sinus disease, asthma, ear problems, etc., by our Lord Jesus, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother and St. Anne, all the loving and faithful prayers were heard and answered! I truly believe she was blessed with a miracle of healing by our Lord and I am so very, very thankful for His Grace and Mercy and Love; and I am so thankful to you and Ray and all the people who have been praying for Autumn Mary! My heart is stilled with love and awe. Please tell Ray and all, the great news.
      Also, more great news... we are coming to N.J. on July 5th! I would like to attend the Rosary at the Rosary House on July 8th and July 15th. Is it still at 7pm? I cannot wait to see you and Ray and all the wonderful people there! I'm so excited! Please write back or call, and let me know if it's okay that I come on those two Fridays for the Rosary. Thanks so much.
      You and Ray are always in my prayers and I think of you both so often and speak of you both so much that other people here in Florida ask me if I've spoken to you and about the blessed picture of Blessed Mother and St. Anne. I tell everyone about the website and the loving and wonderous blessings my family has received over the years since the first time I spoke with you and Ray. Truly you are both so very special and I can only hope to model myself after you both in your devotion to our Holy Family and the love and care that exuberates from your heart and soul.
      Love, Lorri Bergen

      May the Lord, Jesus, walk with you always!

    She Talks About This To Everyone

      Hi Dee, I have written to you before, and I thank you ever so for sending me the cotton with the holy oil on it. At the time my daughter was having this horrible pain in her face! It was so unbearable she felt like putting her face thru a wall. Well, one day when I received the oil, I wiped it all over her forehead, she talks about this to everyone………the pain went away!! Thank God : I also had this mole, was horrible stuck right out of my skin, strait up…and I was afraid of what it was to, well I also rubbed the oil on it….3 days later it fell off! I can't thank you all enough for sending the oil to me. Unfortunately right now, I am having this pain in my left hand (found a bump) I know I should go to the Dr. for a check up, but can I also request more of the oil? Thank you, and God Bless you all!!!!......Michelle DeMarco
    Asked for Our Lady's Guidance

      Hello, Deenie! It was so nice speaking with you yesterday! As promised, here is a typed up version of our experience re: Joseph's miracle. It was sent to a man in Louisanna (!) who got word of our miracle (he wanted to give testimony down there at his church) and it is also going to appear in a book but I don't know when. I promised Our Lady I would spread the word of this miracle and I trust you in helping me do just that. This is all so overwhelming to me still-I wrote this free-form (asked for Our Lady's guidance) as it came back to me and I hope it makes sense to you. Please feel free to use whatever much of it for your website or wherever.

      I love you, Deenie-thank you for your friendship and kindness. Kiss Ray and Debbie for me! I can't wait to visit you all in the New Year! Merry Christmas-I BELIEVE AGAIN.

      In Him, Laura

      After multiple miscarriages we were finally blessed by what we thought was a healthy pregnancy. I lost the other children fairly early on and felt quite reassured when I reached the half-way mark in this pregnancy. That's when a sonogram revealed bad news--Joseph had a marker for Down's Syndrome-this was on July 9th. Our hearts sank as we already have a beautiful and yet very challenging autistic son. We were devastated at the idea of raising another child with so many difficulties and were financially, emotionally and most of all, spiritually drained.

      With great fear I agreed to have an amnio performed (on 7/15, our 9th wedding anniversary)-there is a small chance of miscarriage with this procedure and I dreaded losing yet another child. At the same time I needed to know the fate of our little boy. We were offered the option to terminate at this time and we decided to let God's will play out.

      After weeks of waiting for the results of the amnio we were relieved to learn that Joseph did not in fact have Down's Syndrome or any other chromosomal abnormalities. However, what was once determined to be a marker for Down's Syndrome had now developed into a fetal cystic hygroma (a moist tumor emerging from the lymph nodes at the base of the neck indicating an immaturity of the lymphatic system and the baby's inability to drain it's own fluids leading to fetal hydrops)--this is often fatal and results in 75% fetal death. In rarer instances heart problems and other very severe abnormalities are connected to this anomaly if the baby survives. We were offered the option to terminate again. Sean and I were exhausted with a ongoing grief that constantly plagued us. This anomaly affects 1 in 10,000 pregnancies. I lived from scan to scan-hoping, crying, praying constantly. It was easy to question God and say, "Why US again?" I began to pray (begged of) to St. Gerald Majella (patron saint for expectant mothers) for intercession and I vowed to say that novena every day for the rest of my life if my Joseph would be healed. I pray it now for other expectant mothers--especially those expecting special needs children and children who will not live.

      Other important dates:

      On July 16th I contacted my good friend Ray Skop-a man blessed with the stigmata of Christ, who lives in Jersey City. We had often prayed over Jack with him and noticeable improvements were always apparent. He reminded me of the significance of this day-it was the feast day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Promises were made to her during that phone call:

      *that "Faith" would be included in the baby's name
      *a celebration and rosary would be held in her name the following feast day at our house
      *I would spread the word re: her intercession
      Along with these promises, I vowed to say the rosary every day for the rest of my life if Joseph would be cured. During this time the tumor never grew and I felt Our Lady's presence all around us. Ray and our friends continued to pray for us during the rest of this pregnancy and often times I "joined" them via phone during their weekly rosaries-living 90 miles away unfortunately kept me from joining them in person but Ray said my "Faith" was all I needed.

      On July 24th, after praying with Ray on the phone, I said a desperate rosary and begged Our Lady to have mercy on me and on my child. To please let ME be the one with the good news this time. To please spare me this child. To please remind Jesus of all the other children taken from me. To please remind Jesus of Jack's autism and our suffering. I don't think I ever cried so hard in my life.

      I know she heard my cries because immediately afterwards a picture of Our Lady (La Madonna Dell'Arco-Mary of the Arc-I promised to say her Novena for the rest of my life as well) came crashing off our kitchen wall. It had been hanging there for 2 years and came crashing down, glass everywhere...the nail was left in the wall almost like the picture jumped off it with a life of it's own. This Madonna has been interceding for my family for years.
      During this time a good friend I hadn't heard from in months contacted me and she said she had a vision to call me with the message, "tell Laura to keep the faith." I recounted to her my experiences with Ray and Our Lady and during the next few weeks she sent me cards, books, anything with "Faith" written on it. Edie really kept me going more than I can ever thank her for.
      On September 28th I attended the Rosary Congress over at St. Joseph's Church in Middletown, NY--it was there I met Scapular John and was touched by the relic of the true cross of Christ. I was never so humbled in all of my life--just the thought of being in the presence of Christ this way and I couldn't help but CRY as I felt Jesus understand my sorrow that very instant. I think about this everyday and felt so much compassion for Christ and his suffering. I knew that night that Joseph would be all right. I felt Christ all around me. It's something I will never forget. I know Christ himself heard me and really believe that Joseph was completely cured that evening. I was told by good friends and also by my grandmother (in a dream )to receive the eucharist as much as possible from that point onward--and I did so--every chance I could.
      In all of this I also have to mention my beautiful sweet St. Therese-The Little Flower-my constant intercessor since I was a little girl. It was on her feast day (Oct. 1st) that I attended a special mass in her honor at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Middletown, NY, where her relics were exposed. I begged her to please help me and on that day the sonogram revealed a non-existent tumor and the image of an angel (wings and all) which appeared to be holding up the back of Joseph's neck. Roses given to me by good friends that day had died in the car and the next morning where found fresh and new!
      The following (and last) sonogram at 35 weeks revealed only the reminder of extra skin at the base of the neck where the tumor had been and the angel image was present once again. We were told that Joseph may possibly need plastic surgery one day to correct this ...he was born with a little balloon on the back of his neck and it disappeared completely the next day!
      St. Michael the Arc Angel (along with Gabriel) was also prayed to during this time and he heard me, I just know he did.
      Joseph Liam-Faith Sullivan
      Born on December 8th-the Feast Day of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception
      Cystic hygroma completely disappeared
      9 pounds, 5 ounces, 21 inches beautiful healthy miracle baby boy!!!!!

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    Rainbow Dreams

      In September 2002, my High School in New York had a 50th reunion. Decided to attend and also stay to see a local play in which my niece had the lead role. As these two events were 11 days apart, my cousin agreed to put me up in their New Jersey home. As a hostess she felt an obligation to keep me occupied. One day she asked, if I wanted to meet a Holy man. I skeptically cocked my head. "Holy man! What does he do?" "He heals people. I good friend of mine had her granddaughter healed." Well my curiosity was aroused and to fill the time, I agreed to meet the Holy man.

      This led to the two women, my cousin and her friend driving me to attend a small gathering in Jersey City. During the drive, the friend told the story of her granddaughter mot being able to walk and how Ray the Holy man prayed over her. He predicted she would walk in 40 days and it came true. She said she was a member of the Episcopal Church which doesn't pay much attention to Mary. "But I'm trying to learn more about Mary and I do say the rosary now."

      Entering the house, I noticed many pictures and statues of Mary the Blessed Mother each with a lit candle. Ray was in a separate room granting an audience. When that person left, I walked in without being sure what to say. I told him I knew he healed people but that I was in pretty good shape health wise as was my wife Pat so I had nothing to ask for in this area. Having mentioned my wife, I suddenly thought of something. There is one thing. "My son Richard died in a plane crash 9 years ago." I explained my wife is still heavy of heart. She has never had a dream of him. Is there some way, a sign or something so she could know he is OK?

      Ray then sat me down facing him. He took each of my hands in each of his massive hands and introduced himself. "I am not the Christ but some see Christ in me. I have caused the blind to see and the lame to walk. But I am not the first to have these powers, there have been others before me. My hands bleed, blood comes from my eyes sometimes and my feet especially bleed and it's very painful.

      Your son Richard is at peace. He is in the highest level of heaven, the seventh level. This is what happens when an accident occurs. He is with the one he died with, the one he was close to. The accident was no ones fault. It was merely Richard's time to go."

      Then Ray started to speak of things that occurred in Richard's childhood. Did you have a bunny rabbit? Was there a broken wagon wheel? Ray was turning his head to the left, apparently listening and then repeating what he heard. I gradually realized Richard was behind Ray though I couldn't see him. Richard kept speaking if a rainbow and this puzzled Ray. Leaning against the wall was a picture of Jesus kneeling in the garden of Gethsemane. Ray said, "I see Richard in a place like that garden, filled with trees. He is at peace. Your wife will see him in a dream. When is Richard's birthday?" May first, I answered. "Good, that's a feast day of the Blessed Mother. On that day, light a candle, any candle, one you buy in a store. And you will see a rainbow and you will know Richard is there."

      When I returned home to California last October, I made a special effort to look for rainbows. In seven months, I saw two. As May first approached, I realized that if I had only seen 2 rainbows in 210 days that the odds were more than 100 to 1 against my seeing a rainbow on exactly May first. But I was still optimistic or at least hopeful. My wife bought a candle and we lit it that morning. We went house hunting that day and arranged to meet our realtor in Mission Viejo in front of our daughter's house. As we waited, I suggested we say a decade of the rosary. As we finished the decade, I had just started the Our Father of the second decade when I let out a shout and got out of the car. My wife was startled and also got out. I pointed to the sky. There was a brilliant patch of the most vibrant colors, purple, blue, green and a flag shaped streak of pink. These were the rainbow colors but not in the shape of a rainbow. We looked at this patch and wondered if the clouds would reshape into a rainbow, but it wasn't happening. Then I looked straight up and there was the rainbow on the rim of a giant cloud.

      It had not been raining and it never did rain that day. A rainbow without rain. The patch visible from the car must have been a reflection of the rainbow high in the sky. Though I had never before seen or heard of a rainbow batch, this is what caused me to get out of the car as I could not have seen the rainbow from inside. Our daughter-in-law Tami called on the cell phone from Huntington Beach. She said she hesitated to call as she didn't want to upset us. Pat said, "you saw a rainbow" Tami was relieved to hear we too had seen it. We later reflected on the time this occurred and it was about 11:30 in the morning. The official time determined by the NTSB of Richard's mid-air collision was 11:33 in the morning. It had been raining that morning nearly ten years ago and maybe one of the last things Richard saw was a rainbow.

      Pat described her sense of awe as she looked up at heaven and strongly sensed the presence of God and Richard. Tears filled her eyes as she said, but I just want to hold Richard. So the heartache remains and will not end until the reunion takes place in the next life which, I am now sure, exists.

      Donald Hopkins 5/20/03Information on Ray Skop can be found at rayofhopefoundation.com

    Oil is Still on Top of Picture

      Dear Anne,

      Do you know the oil you sent me for Pamela Winfield is still on top of her picture and she is still with us, nearly 2 years since she found out she has liver cancer - I think it's amazing!

      Thanks for your help Anne -
      Love Norma

    Diane Sweeney of California

      Dear Ray,

      I have been long overdue in writing. Please accept my apology.

      You and I spoke in February regarding my diagnosis of Mylofibrosis (a terminal bone marrow disease). We spoke on a Wednesday afternoon after some prayer with our mutual friend Don that morning. You promised you would pray the rosary that evening for my intention. You also said you had a very good feeling about my situation. The last words you spoke before we hung up were "don't be surprised if you get a different diagnosis."

      That very evening my doctor called with the news that I had B-cell lymphoma, still series but treatable (more treatable). The following appointment we all agreed for various reasons, to retest everything. The results, hairy cell leukemia a cancer that can be cured!

      I had chemotherapy & a bit of a complication that required hospitalization for 10 days. My latest test results show the cancer is gone and I am already in remission! Praise God & thank you Mary Most Holy!

      I want to send you & your lovely helpers a photo (from last August) of my family. Know you are always near and dear to my heart.

      Thank you for your love and prayers on my behalf. I am greatly honored the lord has given me such a gift as suffering and healing. How blessed I am!

      Thank you for your support.
      May God Bless You!
      Diane Sweeney

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      Dear Skop Rosary:

      Below is an email I wrote to a friend on Monday August 21, 2000 regarding my first experience with Ray and the weeping icon. My twin sister, Bridget Gannon Smith, my family and I experienced, first hand, not one, but four miracles: oil oozing from palms, gift of healing, cure from cancer, and most importantly, the heavenly wake-up call to strengthen our personal relationships with the Triune God, Mary and all saints. Several years have passed since this day, but it remains the most significant spiritual date on my calendar. I have learned that all good comes from suffering and nothing happens by chance. God orchestrates everything and I thank Him for giving me the opportunity to bear witness to this extraordinary energy going on in Jersey City and becoming a permanent remember of the Skopp Rosary family. Please read on:

      Things are grrrrrreat, thanks for asking. How was your weekend? Mine was sorta laid back for once. As crazy as this sounds, I met the celebrity of all celebrities last Thursday. The mother of the Almighty, the cloud stud, that's right, Evil Twin and I had the chance of a lifetime and it was truly a sight to behold. To make a long story short, a series of strange events took place over the past three weeks...

      Evil Twin Bridget was having these ongoing dreams that she could lay her hands on my sister and my cousin who is also ridden head to toe with cancer, and something would help them feel better. Well, less than two weeks ago, this friend of the family's (Al & Mary Dorsey) called my sister, Lauretta, up crying saying their family had to come and speak to her at the house right then and there. So they did and they told hr of this weeping icon painting located in Jersey City that helped cure their great aunt and that she called them and told them to tell their friend with the cancer to get in touch with the guy who has the painting. Well, my sister is a cynic, so she told us and was sort of laughing about it. But Evil Twin, on the other hand, couldn't shake it. Then just this past Wednesday, my sister Lauretta got horrible news about having to have a stem cell transplant in the coming weeks because her cancer came back during her radiation treatments. Weird. So anyway, Bridget and I decided to take a pilgrimage to JC and get our hands on that oil that was weeping out of this painting. My mom was also into it at this point. Apparently, the painting of St. Ann (the mother of Mary) and Mary as a child was shown at Mt. Carmel church on Broadway in JC a few times. So my mom calls Father Michael and tells her story. He's like, "Let me save you a trip up here and get in touch with Ray and have him call you with a time you can get the oil...since the painting is at his house." The priest was super nice and understanding and told my mom that he would be in touch later that day or the next. Well Bridget was really aggravated about the time frame since my sis was going to Sloan Kettering for pre-op that Friday morning. So, Bridget shows up at my house crying and says, "I feel that we should just get in the car and drive up there, investigate and knock on doors and stuff." Of course, I was totally into it, so off we went...

      It was a quick drive in and our first destination was Mt. Carmel. It felt like the X-Files. So a woman by the name of Rosemarie came to the door and let us in the church office. Then we started to tell her the deal, and she stopped us saying she'd give us Ray's address (which was about 5 blocks from the church). She told us to go to his house and tell him that Mt. Carmel sent us over. So at that point, we jumped in the car and drove over. We were nervous as nut.

      We parked the car in front of the most Joe-normal house on Hawthorne St. We both knocked on the door and Nancy, Ray's wife, cracked it open. We introduced ourselves and she was all, "Yes, yes, you can get some oil, just wait out here for a few minutes for my husband to get home from work and he will give you some." There were children running around in the background and she mentioned they had just returned from the shore.

      So there we sat for the next three minutes, gripping onto to each other praying he wouldn't think we were two freaks stalking his family. Then, a car pulled up with Ray, his daughter and granddaughter in it. He walked up the path and we told him who we were. Then without further ado, he chimes in with, "Normally I don't let people just come in, but you two must come inside and see the painting." We couldn't believe we were about to see the weeping icon. We followed him in and then he asked where we came from, etc. So at the end of the hallway we bear right and into the master bedroom. There it was sitting in the corner. What a site! The painting itself was created on a piece of thin sheet metal and it was not framed or mounted...just leaning against and easel. At the base was a gold chalice which caught the over flow of tears and below that a clear basin which held whatever dripped off the corners. St. Ann and Mary were crying, clear tears of oil. I walked around the back and just saw plain dry sheet metal. So Ray picks the painting up off the easel and says give me your hands. He placed each of our right hands on the bottom of the painting to hold it. We then began to pray and suddenly something magical happened. A bolt of heat went through my body. It was an overwhelming feeling that I cannot describe. I simply yelled out..."I'm on fire." Ray smiles and said, "That is a good feeling. You will feel very happy." Tears were streaming down my face and Evil's. Then Ray got three cotton balls out his closet and wiped them against the tears telling us to take them to our sister. Then he gave us a bracelet and wiped it as well, instructing us to tell Lauretta to keep it next to a sacred picture by her bed. Then I turned around and saw a gold-plated crucifix hanging above the light switch on the wall. Attached to it were three clear small Dixie cups one by the left hand, one by the right hand and one at the foot of the cross. Jesus was stigma ting oil into the cups. Then I looked above the cross and saw three crossed oozing from the wall. Like someone rang a sponge soaked with bleach on the wall. Arne, it was awesome! Then I looked above the bed. There was a large wreath and above that was a large cross oozing. Then I looked around above the closets and there was a field of crosses oozing from the walls. I then asked Ray what was up. Bridget saw everything I did as well. He said that lots of things happen in that room. He then went on about how he holds rosary ceremonies with loads of people there on Sundays and sometimes it gets so packed they have to take it to the basement of the church where there's more room. Then he went on to say that one time 600 people saw the back of the painting change from Mary's face to Jesus' face. So at this point, Ray was holding the painting still and I looked on the back. The wildest thing happened...Mary's face was huge on the back and she was crying so hard, the tears were hitting the floor. It was absolutely the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!! Then he told us to go to our sister immediately. Then Bridget looked at the front of the painting and two crossed oozed in the top right corner. His wife gave us a film roll canister of oil to take home too. Ray gave us a phone number of a woman named Deeni to call that night and said that she would be able to explain what we were feeling in the room. Then he walked us to our car and told us to come back and pray the rosary with him and bring Lauretta when she is better. Then he said the only thing he asked for in return is to pray the rosary and to find a single parent child and spend time with them at Christmas and if we feel like giving that child a gift, to wrap it up beautifully so it makes them feel wanted. Then he told us that 65 years ago, the property that the house was built used to be a rose garden. There were documented apparitions of Mary then call ed the Marion Apparitions hence being in the Marion district of Jersey City. He said he found the painting in someone's garbage and that he had it out in his garage for a long time. One day he brought it inside and the painting hasn't stopped weeping since...that was 18 months ago. He told us we were his two angels and to never lose touch with him.

      So we start the drive home in complete awe of what just happened. We hit the Driscoll Bridge and Bridget swerves saying," My steering wheel is really slippery." Looking at her hands I said, "Bridget, look at your hand!" There was oil bleeding out of her fingertips and palm. She wiped her hand a few times to get it off and it kept coming back. Arne it was like her dream and everything! So we got to Lauretta and rubbed her with it and prayed over her and then we went to my cousin's house and did the same. The fact that we weren't even supposed to be able to see or get oil from the painting that day and the chain of events was fate. Fate I say.

      After talking at length with Deeni, she told me of her daughter who last year was diagnosed with paraplegia of the legs. Her doctor as a last resort told her about Ray and sent her there on a Friday. She had a similar exp. to us only angels appeared in the room to her...two of them. Let's just say that by Sunday night, her daughter was able to get up and run and hasn't been sick since. Deeni has seen several other miracles happen to both believers and non-believers even. She also told me that Ray gets stigmata (with the blood) on Good Friday and the entire month of October. She said it hurts him like hell, but that is when many healings take place. She jokes that Ray is the last person he or she would ever expect this to happen too. She said he had a rocky childhood and was questioning a lot of faith issues since his father died. But bamm! He's da man! She thought Lauretta should call him with any questions and also agreed that we were channeling something from beyond this planet. I didn't get the feeling that it was hoaxy by any means. Weeping icons are pretty common all over the world and we were very lucky to get to witness one so close to home. Bridget's hand stopped oozing oil on Thursday night about 10pm. I still have hot palms and tons of questions I would like to ask. I'm going back to the house on the First Friday of this month for the rosary service and bringing the family who originally showed up to tell my sister about the whole thing. As far as Lauretta is concerned, she went for pre-op and now the doctors don't think she can have the stem-cell transplant because: A. they can't feel the lumps from last week in her neck, and B: they need to re-read the slides. Also, my older sister, Anne Marie, my Mom and Dad and Cousin, Patrice were there and they all said it was a miracle that the doctors were second-guessing her test results! Strange things have happened these past few days. It certainly has strengthened Evil and me and I don't think we will get all the answers just yet, but boy oh boy, it was an unforgettable experience.

      So that's what I've been dealing with. I feel like I have to touch everybody or something. It's very weird. I'm always cold, and now I'm not. I don't know if you are into this kinda thing, but I do know you care about people, so I thought I'd share.

      Let me know what you've been doing,

      So that's the story. Since then, I have been a regular at the Skopp Rosarys'. I have also witnessed several miracles within my family and beyond from prayers and the oil. In a twist of fate, Mary Dorsey, who originally told my family of the icon, wound up diagnosed with a rare case of sinus cancer last summer. The Skopp Rosary Society is very involved in prayers for her recovery. My sister, Lauretta, who remains in remission, has also helped the Dorsey family significantly throughout Mary's treatments. It never ceases to amaze me how God changes all things for good and one foot washes the other. Mary is now also in remission and attributes her healing to all prayers.

      I'll end this now with another interesting fact….after all is said and done, it turns out this "Holy Man with a Twist" is my cousin! Amazing!

      I think it very important to document this whole scenario.

      God Bless!
      Julie Gannon

      PS: "Evil Twin" is a pet name Bridget and I often refer to each other as. We really get along fabulously.