October 2023

Kris - October 2023

Several years ago 2012, kris was found unresponsive at his kitchen table. My other son and daughter called 911 and they promptly arrived, only to find he was unable to be stabilized and could not be moved for more than 1 1/2 hours. We were later told rigor mortis had already set in which is the third stage of death caused by chemical changes in the muscles….he was then transported to centre state hospital. We were told he probably would not make it more than a few hours, and they were powerless as to what could be done. The neurologist told us he was the sickest person in central New Jersey. Well he remained unconscious for several days in icu, and as a doctor spoke to me of how grim his situation was, I held my sons hand, and he kept squeezing it… I showed the doctor that my son was hearing all this negative talk, and he replied, its nothing just a reflex. I then demanded that no-one in the hospital was to speak of my sons critical condition in the room with him present….they ran a brain wave test, and held a family meeting encouraging us to disconnect him as he would remain a vegetable, should he continue to live… our response was “ continue to keep him on life support, we are not giving up”….we were not giving up, I could not accept this. A friend of my sons, called us and said he knew of this gentleman., his name was Ray and he was said to be a stigmata. During this time kris was diagnosed with pneumonia, rhabdomyalysis, which is a breakdown of all the muscles in the body, his kidneys shut down and was on dialysis twice a day, and he suffered 3 strokes while unconscious, and was brain dead. In spite of all this, we asked that his friend contact Ray and see if he could be of any help. He immediately called him and ray asked that we call him that evening at 8.00 pm put the phone on speaker (because my son was unconscious) and he would talk to him. And so at 8:00 we called and he spoke to Kris… he said each letter of his name and gave a message as to which each letter stood for. For example he said K is for king, r is for rugged, etc. we thanked him at the end of the phone call, and we remained, as we did each night, in the hospital waiting room. During the night, one of the evening nurses came out to give us an update,and this time, she was confused….she said, Your son in on life support, unconscious, but it seemed as though he was waving to me…I don’t know if that is any consolation, but I thought I should tell you. We were ecstatic, we would take any positive thoughts at all. That morning, the doctor on his case, came out to see us, and said, he is not sure why, but for some strange reason, kris’s breathing has seemed to return to normal, and he would like to try to take the breathing tube out. He asked I come into the room while he did that….he also said, it may not work, and we may have to re insert it, if it doesn’t prove successful…. He removed the tube and kris opened his eyes shortly after, and he was trying to speak but his speech was very slurred. I said, I had a healer call you last night…and kris said, I know, Ray. Mind you, kris never knew of ray, he was unconscious and supposedly brain dead. There is no doubt Ray reversed this, he told us that Kris was on the other side already, and he was encouraging him to come back. He said he was continuing to go to the other side and ray pulled him back, going thru rivers and streams etc. the months following , made it even more believable that ray brought him back. When we finally left the hospital and rehab 3 months later, kris left in a wheelchair, completely paralyzed. My husband built a ramp and I struggled each and every day to help him to stand and I literally dragged him thru my house while dragging his legs, till I finally got him to slowly stand. After months he was able to stand then go from the wheelchair to a walker, then with a cane and then with braces made for his legs, and months later, walking with nothing, but a slight limp. Had it not been for ray, and his connection with the the Man upstairs, I believe my son would not be here today. Many have said, “ I don’t believe in such a thing,” sorry for them, that man saved my sons life and we will forever be indebted to him. I am sure he is continuing to do his work from heaven. We will forever love him. To see kris today, one would not notice any disabilities. He Is healthy and shows no signs of the terrible ordeal hes been thru…ray was truly the one responsible to the miracle….xo