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Our Story

The Ray of Hope Foundation was established in the year 2000. It was founded to honor the Blessed Mother and the power of Her intercession for the healing of the faithful. Our mission is to reveal Our Lady’s message of praying the Rosary to the world. The rosary is a very powerful prayer that heals countless individuals all throughout the planet, both spiritually and physically. It is a true weapon against evil.

The founder of the Ray of Hope foundation, a lifelong resident of Jersey City, was blessed with the gift of healing through prayer. Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2012. His family wishes him to remain anonymous.

Ray had a painting of Mary and Saint Anne (Jesus’ grandmother) that began to weep Holy Oil in October of 1998, and he received the gift of the stigmata on Good Friday in 1999. The stigmata continued for the rest of his life: it appeared mostly on the backs of his hands and feet, but on holy days it also sometimes appeared on his forehead and sides. Many photos have been taken to record these events and can be viewed privately at our rosaries. Along with this, numerous religious pictures and statues wept holy oil in the past, and these can also be viewed at the Ray of Hope rosaries.

People from all walks of life came to witness these weeping icons and the holy stigmata as well as to receive prayers from Ray. Holy oil would fill up in chalices and this oil has been sent all around the world along with rosary beads and “Pray the Rosary” bumper stickers. Many miracles have occurred through the combination of prayer, faith, the rosary, and this very special holy oil.

Marion apparitions occur all over the world, and all the marvels that occurred at Ray’s rosaries were consistent with the typical Marion apparition. For starters, at Marions the Blessed Mother will give a message. Our message was always the same: to “Pray the Rosary” and “Gather the Flock.” The blessed Mother calls each one of us to share in the discipleship of Her son. Mary wants us to help save the world… one soul at a time.

Deeni Saltarelli, Marianne Cassano, Debbie Scherman, and all of the Ray of Hope members continue to announce the love of Jesus and Mary and to walk as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The RHF began in Jersey City in 1999. After the healer’s passing in 2012, we continued praying our rosary at the Rosary House until 2019. The Ray of Hope Foundation now holds rosaries once a month at Deeni Saltarelli’s home, and any time/place it is requested.

Deeni's Story

Deeni's daughter, Samantha Rose, was blessed with a healing as a young girl back in 1999. On one random November morning, Sammi woke up completely paralyzed in her lower limbs. Deeni was told by some of the top neurologists in NYC that Sammi may never walk again. However, faith-strung, defiant Deeni heard about this “healer man” in Jersey City, so she contacted him and attended one of his rosaries herself. Deeni prayed with the healer and was asked to pray the rosary at least once a week for the rest of her life. Through prayer and faith, Samantha miraculously began to walk again on the exact day Ray promised: December 12th, Our Lady of Guadalupe feast day. Along with this, her healing day was both a Sunday and the 40th day of her illness, and the number 40 is an extremely significant number in the bible.

Connect With God

Request Prayer for your intentions, they will be added to our Ray of Hope Prayer list.

All Are Welcome

Anyone is welcome to join us at our rosaries. Also you can call in or FaceTime us during the rosary anytime.

Community Love

Our organization helps local shelters, group homes, and families in need, especially during the holiday season, by contributing whatever their necessities might be. Food, Toys, Spiritual or emotional support.

Items For Sale

Contact info@rayofhopefoundation.com to request items to purchase with your information *Shipping Not Included In Price*

Miracles and happenings in jersey city

Miracles and Happenings


Miracles and Happenings tells of experiences that happened to various people who came to Ray with the hope for a miracle.

Healings In Jersey City

Healings In Jersey City


A book by Anne DuHaime, where she explains the first instances of Janelle, Lori and their parents meeting Ray. A true story that brings you into the miracle of their healing.

Christmas Miracle

Sammi's Christmas Miracle


A very talented true story that will awe and inspire you. In these turbulent, terrible, uncertain times we tend to forget that miracles indeed happen. It is the astonishing story of the prayers of Ray a humble man who has cured a child of a crippling disease when all other medications, doctors, hospitals, etc. had failed.

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Melodies of a Marian Apparition

WRitten by: Joe Stone

Christmas Miracle

Our Lady of Fatima


Antique Picture - 16" X 12.5"

Christmas Miracle

Jesus Plate


9" x 7"

Christmas Miracle




Christmas Miracle

Mary Magdalene



Christmas Miracle

Saint Jude Plaque


9" x 7"