Autumn's Story

May 2005

Autumn's Story - May 2005

In May 2005, my daughter Autumn experienced a life-saving miracle, thanks to the help of Ray, Deeni, and Debbie. Autum had faced a severe health issues, including asthma and reccurent infections since infacy, which led to her struggling to breath. Her condition worsened when she was 4 and a half due to enlarged adenoids and tonsils, prompting surgery. Unfortunately, this surgery led to severe staph infection, causing extensive damage to her nose, ears, throat, and sinuses.

For over two and a half years, Autumn ebdured daily bleeding from her earsm nose and throat, impacting her childhood significantly. Despreate for a solution, I reached out to Ray, Deeni and Debbie, with whom i had a spiritual connection. Together, we prayed frevently for a miracle, invoking Blessed Mother and Jesus for Autumn's healing.

Remarkably, after seven days of prayer, we witnessed a miraculous transformation in Autumn's health. Her swelling reduced, and she no longer suffered from sinus infections. The bleeding gradually stopped, and Autumn's overall health improved dramatically.

On that seventh day, Autumn had a profound encounter during our nightly prayer. She claimed that Blessed Mother appeared to her and conveyed a message - that there would be no more blood on her pillow in the mornings. This prophecy came true, and since that day Autumn has enjoyed robust health without further bleeding or serious illness. she is now 20 years old and rarely even catches a cold.

To confirm the miraculous change in her health, we visited Tampa Children's Hospital a month later. Three doctors, who had prviously treated her recovery. One doctor was incredulous and wanted to know the secret behind her sudden improvement, while another remained silent and left the room. The third doctor, however, acknowledged the miracle of Autumn's recovery and encouraged us to embrace our blessing.

Our family remains enternally grateful to God, Jesus, and Blessed Mother for this miraculous gift. We are commited to sharing our story to spread the Good Word and express our deep appreciation for our dear friends, Ray, Deeni, and Debbie