Canada Miracle

August 9, 2006

Dear Ray and ROHF,

I recently learned some very compelling news regarding the miraculous oil which I mailed to a friend in Canada.

A few years ago, our friend's niece, Nancy, came from Canada to visit them, My friend explained to me that her niece's son, who was approximately 3 years old, had a growth on his leg. I encouraged her to bring him to my home so that I could give them some of Our Lady's miraculous oil and also to teach the young mother how to recite the healing prayer with her son.

We were introduced to them when they arrived and after I explained to Nancy the unique powers of the miraculous oil, I applied the oil to the lump on her son's leg and placing my hands on the lump, I recited the healing prayer.

The following day, Nancy phoned me to explain that the lump on her son's leg had diminished considerably (it shrunk to less than half its size) and as she thanked me I encouraged her to pray more often and to make a concerted effort in strengthening her faith.

This past Christmas of 2005, I received a greeting card and a note from Nancy requesting more miraculous oil for her ailing father. I immediately mailed her a packet and included a letter again emphasizing the power of prayer.

Her neighbor was diagnosed with lung cancer and was informed that she would require surgery. Nancy shared some of that oil with this neighbor and told her to pray and place her trust in Jesus and Mary. After all the required medical testing and confirmations, she was admitted into the hospital and scheduled for surgery. A few days passed but she was not given surgery. She inquired of her doctors as to why they were delaying her. After much hesitation the doctor informed her that her final test showed nothing, nada but they kept her in the hospital to observe her and insure that she was indeed free of cancer. Naturally she was elated beyond description and immediately checked herself out!

The above results are just a few of the wonderful healing powers of Our Lady of Jersey City's miraculous oil. I have personally named her Our Lady of Jersey City and I hope this is acceptable to Ray.

The healing prayer consists of two Hail Mary's and ten Our Father's. This healing prayer was given to me by a member of the Ray of Hope staff. Start by reciting one Hail Mary, then ten Our Father's and then conclude with the last Hail Mary. Apply some of the miraculous oil on the affected area and place your hands on that area while reciting the above healing prayer.

Our world is in dire need of an increase in faith and prayer. Today, the divisiveness of the world problems is poised on the brink of madness and can stagger the imagination. We need to pray more fervently and to inspire our friends and family to pray for peace.

Thank you for this opportunity.