Now Embrace Faith

Hi Deeni - Thanks so much. I think you and Ray will appreciate this story: I have a nephew who is a freshman in college in California. He is being treated by a psychiatrist for OCD and anxiety. His roomate has severe medical problems, and his other friend is very depressed because he lost five friends within the last few years. None of these boys have been "believers" in anything spiritual - not believing in God, etc. Well, I spoke to them on the phone about the rosary, etc., and I told them about Ray. I mailed them each a package of the oil, and they have been praying, and REALLY improving in different areas of their lives. They each have now embraced a faith they didn't have, and now they each pray daily and often. They needed this faith and hope so much. Thank you from me and them. I give this oil to people who I tell about Ray and who need it. Thanks so much. Donna