Still In Shock

Stephanie Morath
Hi Deeni,

I don't know where to begin with this email! If you remember, last week I came to visit you and Ray with my son Nathan along with a few others, Helene the nurse, Rebecca, Diane, Kate, my mother in-law and my nurse Julie (who had to leave the room!) Rays' comments on that were the best!

This past Monday, Helene and I decided to leave Nathan off his ventilator for a few minutes to see how long he'd be able to breathe on his own. The expectation based on past experience was maybe 2-3 min.. He breathed on his own for 7 hours total throughout the whole day!!!!! I'm still speechless as I type this email. My little boy as been on a ventilator 24/7 for a year with no hopes of ever breathing on his own. Since he's been diagnosed, he's only been regressing. His prognosis is very poor. Even Nathans' doctors can't seem to give a medical explanation other than "he must just be getting stronger."

After visiting Ray and with what happened this week, I'm for the first time hopeful that he might have a fighting chance against this horrific disease.

This has truly been a miracle for Nathan and our family. Please thank Ray for seeing us. I'm forever grateful!

Still In Shock!