Mystery Woman

My daughter's friend is pregnant and has been going to the Rosary meetings. The unborn infant has a defect in the heart and will need an operation immediately after birth. The girl says the Rosary every day and uses the oil from a cotton ball. This afternoon (Saturday) she took her two boys (8 and 12) to the movies at the mall in Sayerville. After the show, she went to the lady's room and told the boys to wait for her. While at the sink she noticed a woman standing next to her observing her in the mirror. The girl says she was taken by the beauty of the lady. She says she literally was the most beautiful woman she has ever seen. The woman smiled and said "I see you are having a baby." when the girl answered yes the woman reached out and touched her stomach and said "you know this is a gift from God. The girl acknowledged that she knew this and again the woman said, "you know this is a gift from God". The girl left but felt she should talk to the woman some more and told the boys "let's wait for a woman I met in there." They waited outside the lady's room but no one came out. when she went in to see the woman, the room was completely empty.

When she got home, she started to say the Rosary and took out a cotton ball. The ball overflowed with oil. So much so that her hand was covered and dripping with oil.