Pouring Oil

August 30th 2002, Mary Sayad

During July 2002, at the rosary house, Ray, My husband Elias and myself experienced a beautiful miracle. After our rosary recital, I requested from Ray additional miraculous oil to take home to distribute the oil to many individuals in need of various healings. I have made it a habit to always carry with me packets of the oil along with the newspaper copies of Ray's Stigmata and miracles.

I brought with me two small bottles with a capacity of approximately one ounce each. One of the bottles was opaque plastic and originally contained holy water. The other smaller bottle was glass. Ray told me that the miraculous portrait did not produce enough oil for the tray that evening but as he proceeded to pour the available small amount of oil into the plastic bottle it instantly filled up with the oil. I brought him the glass bottle and that bottle filled to the top. Ray was amazed by this unusual experience as was me and my husband. I recall watching Ray began to pour the oil into the bottle. I stood dumbfounded at how the first bottle was filled instantly and there was more for the second bottle. We then realized that we had just experienced a very unexpected miracle. Truly this is another example of the power and the love of Jesus, Our Blessed Mother and St. Ann. The Mother Of God loves each of us beyond our understanding and she "desires to grant all that is asked on her account"

Pray the rosary and encourage others to pray the rosary.