Spreading The Message

Hi Deeni. Just to mention my people who seem to have benifited from the special prayers eminating from your rosary, or Ray's rosary.

1. A 90 year old lady who feared her foot would be amputated from a bad infection that wouldn't heal. Well, I gave her the oil and Sam's book and had you all pray for her. Next time I went in to the nursing home she was one hundred percent healed.

2. My friend and odd job guy has a rare blood disease and had deteriorated to being in a wheel chair. It seemed he was going steadily down hill. I asked for prayers for him at the rosary and sent him oil etc. and the next I heard he had made a turn around and was home and doing well considering the severity of his disease.

3. My husband's cousin Ken has parkinson's and cancer of the pancreas - they were praying that he would be able to go an a cruise with the whole family for his 80th birthday, I asked you to pray at the rosary for him and he made the cruise and seems to be stabilized at the moment with his many health issues. I just saw a great picture of him enjoying a big piece of birthday cake. So keep praying everyone, it seems these great things are still happening at the rosary house and through everyone's genuine prayers there.

Blessings to all.